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Notes from the Road – March Madness

Technically, these are not notes coming to you, while I am on the road but more of a collection, after I got off the road. Had been to 8 different airports and 5 different time zones in a span of 7 days..and may be that should explain why these notes couldn’t come out while I was on the road.

Note 1: At the risk of having to repeat myself, I have to confess that once you get used to traveling in first class, traveling coach is not easy. Fortunately, my trip to Vegas was in First class but on my way back, I had to change flights and hence ended up on a coach class seat, cramped between some human flesh that I didn’t particularly enjoy. It is not that I don’t like human flesh – but what I hate more is the compromises I had to make to adjust my arms and knees in order to accommodate myself without rubbing my flesh onto another.

Well..enough about human flesh and coach class compromises.

Note 2: There is a lot of money to be made in Vegas. Yes. Only if you have some to begin with, that you can risk stacking on the table without having to worry about losing it. What I learned in the past week was Roulette and I paid $120 as my training fee to the dealer.

Well..enough about gambling and how you need to be in a different mindset to become anything of a gambler.

Note 3: The week I was in Vegas was not really the best time to assess the impact of recession on casinos, because there were these crazy basketball dudes thronging the game bars. I can’t understand the madness on college sports and I will attribute it to my general disrespect to how the country treats sports.

Well..enough about sports and the commercialization of such.

Note 4: However short a trip to India is, I feel connected and at home right away. I am glad I am able to do this else, doing regular things and enjoying the stay for what it really is meant for cannot be accomplished. Nakul adapted wonderfully well even to the wet bathroom floor, which made him take a step back, the first time. Catching up with family was a huge thing and it always is my belief that it is a necessary thing to do, specially for the kids.

Well..enough about Family and being grounded.

Note 5: The 4 days in India were like 4 weeks as I tried to soak every minute of the stay. The Indian summer is at its beginning phase and coastal South India is already filled with humid air. With elections around the corner, there never was a shortage of some breaking news – Be it Varun Gandhi and his fanatic diatribe or which way the PMK scale is going to tilt or Praja Rajyam’s party symbol or the prospect of DMMK and MDMK lining up behind one of the major players or Lalu’s confident play – there were abundant election topics to discuss with the family. Guess, national politics is better than family politics during such gatherings.

Well..enough about Indian Politics and how it captures my fascination all the time.

Note 6: Houston airport may be great. But we had one of the most difficult transits (probably the most ever) when we had to switch from an international flight to a domestic flight after clearing Customs. Ha..! Size did matter in this case and the terminals are so awfully long for us to jog from E something to C something.

Well..I don’t think I can say enough about this transit as yet, for I stank like a skunk after sweating profusely by the time I made it to the gate, only to find out that our flight was delayed by a good 30 minutes.

A “no activity weekend” was all we needed to recover!