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Kodiya Ethadhae

This is my crazy attempt to create a Chennai Gaanaa style song. You know how you act whimsical in the spur of a moment. This was one of those moments for me. I decided to work on a scratch tune Sunday night in spite of my bronchitis. I managed to sing the song without much trouble and it was only after the final mixing I realized that I didn’t sweat much at all for this song. Writing was easy (even the lyrics), Singing was not that difficult and the whole product was fun to make.

If not anything, it was worth the ‘tripp’!

Here you go – Listen to “Kodiya Ethadhae” (The title is just a coincidence if you know what I mean..)

Also, some trivia on the making of the song can be found here.

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The curious case of FB Addiction

It starts this way…

You think you are connecting with long lost friends, but you actually end up connecting with friends who you are in touch with otherwise via e-mails and phone. You think you are building a social network to increase your social skills, but you actually are diving into a world of weird web community where all you increase is your browsing and quizzing skills. You think you want to let everyone know what you are up to and how your family is doing, but you end up knowing more about that friend who you have met only once in your life (and somehow ended up on your friend list) on a daily basis. You think you are logging in just to check some engagement pictures of this one friend who you knew went for a romantic weekend getaway, but you end up spending 50 minutes looking at status updates of all your contacts and their contacts. You think it is just another fad, but you actually can’t go through a single day without logging in at least once. You think you are above all these addictions, but the fact of the matter is you are just plain ignorant of what addiction really means.

It did start this way for me.

But my addiction isn’t exactly along the above lines – I am connected to a long list of long lost friends who I genuinely wanted to connect with. I am not sure if I really increased my social skills but I know I enjoy the quizzes. I don’t think it is a fad and hence I log in more than once a day. I am not ashamed to admit that I am addicted to Facebook, although I feel fairly confident that I don’t need a rehab to get out of it. It is one of those cases of positive addiction. At least, that is what I want to believe – The curious case of Facebook Addiction..!

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Right Wing Terror

Had I been in a slightly better condition, not throwing up phlegm on my keyboard (ok..that is gross I know..), every time I typed a word that needed a punctuation at the end, like the word I just typed “end”, I would probably be a little more passionate about sharing my fear for the country, than what I am doing now. But some things are better shared before they are too late. This way, 2 months from now, when the mainstream media starts talking about it, I can say “I told you so..!”.

Not sure if I am the only one who is appalled by the growing trend among the conservatives to protest in wild & violent forms, vilifying the current government in all shapes & manners and calling it a growing movement or a revolution against “tyranny”. 3 months and the conservative stomachs have burst opened the belt buckles. All the fat and grease from their right wing blood is gushing out because they feel like they have been with no power for almost…yes..almost 100 days.
I don’t undermine people trying to protest trying to make a point. It is within the boundaries of democracy and everyone has a right to do so. But if anyone watched the Tea Party on April 15 and the purpose behind it, the kind of rants & anti-establishment slogans thrown at Obama, etc. it would just make them believe that this was not a normal protest. This was like the uprising of the KKK from the south in another form, through the really conservative pores of a really dirty old party.
In conjunction with the above menace, we also have been seeing increased gun deaths in the last few days. Just shocking to see how NRA controls the government and why even Obama has not done anything in haste yet. This can happen only in the most conservative country in the world, of course, if you don’t include extremely religious regimes of the Talibans or the Saudis.
Economy slowing down is a ripe time for crime to bloom. And if religious, right wing conservative terrorism supported by NRA joins the mix, we are in to experiencing a very western version of a Taliban government soon.
If that is my fear, then my hope is that the next generation of Americans, will wake up from their slumber and make a meaningful choice about their future. Or else, this will not remain a land of hope for a long time.
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Yes. That’s a word that I hate to see on Airport monitors. Specially when they use Delayed in Red.

Sometimes, these monitors could be deceiving – like the one I am staring at, as I type this random post. They just say “Departs at 8:00 PM” under Remarks column whereas the “Scheduled” column says “6:16 PM”. How convincingly cunning and misleadingly comforting? Seriously.
I read somewhere that human brains process font colors very differently. My brain is probably tuned to react in a cautious negative way when I see some text in Red. Probably right from the school days. Teachers have a way of scaring students by using excessive Red ink to let kids know how much control they have on their test results. There are some who like to correct test papers with Red ink and want to convert test papers into an art play field. Squiggles, Circles, Check marks, Large Xs (normally to yell “YOU ARE WRONG HERE, HERE and HERE !”), Boxes, Numbers (fractions or decimals depending on the level of humiliation they want to throw at the kids), some prescription like comments and even some Unidentifiable symbols (UFS).
It is a cumulative effect. The effect of Red in our lives. Even as grown up adults, all of us are tuned to react to Red in a negative way….Be it traffic lights, status reports, bullfighting or the “Delayed” sign at airports.
Oh..yeah, talking about “Delayed” signs – my flight was delayed by about 2 hours tonight..Did I already tell you how much I hate to see that sign at airports?
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The Man, The Charm and The Recession

When he starts speaking, it can be addictive. Why be ambivalent? It is addictive for me. I was ready to go, Shoes polished, Garage door opened, Dishes in the sink, Bags & office accessories on the aisle – and then..I just stood frozen, glaring at the TV not willing to power it off, though that was the primal intention behind picking up the remote control.

Took me about 5 minutes to realize that it is because of this man who started delivering yet another wonderful speech to a global audience (more specifically French, German and other European) in a town hall setting, was doing such a remarkable job that his words flew out of his mouth like pollen dust in spring. have no choice but to catch them because they are in the air and not falling off to the ground that easily. And not to mention, the charm he can hoist on his fans all over the world! Entire Europe warmed up to this man..
Oops. I have a serious addiction problem.
Of course, the real reason for his trip was to talk about recession with 19 other leaders. Apparently, he did an exceptionally good job by being the smooth moderator, by bringing enemies together to the negotiation corner and by even speaking Russian, Arabic and some other languages (don’t think Hindi was one of them). G-20 summit seemed like a good opportunity for all leaders to get together and put faces to names so that they can continue their dialogue through their diplomats later. I really hope they got something out of it.
iPod song selection, touching the queen, sleeveless dress and whatever else the tabloid love is, I believe it is only those who envy the charm of this man and his woman, who will deny that the President of the USA and the First lady were a success in Europe.
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While I was reading and watching..

Possible Side Effects by Augesten Burroughs – One of the few short essay collections or story collections that I enjoyed – mostly as my plane side read. The guy is funny, self-deprecating and pretty good in imagination.

The Stupidest Angel by Christpher Moore – Another gem by the man who has created some of the best satires of the 20th/21st centuries in American literature. If you liked his “Lamb”(which I did) and his “..Melancholy Cove..”, then this one is slightly mediocre in terms of the story, but Moore pulls it off convincingly through his narrative style. And yes, I do believe that there is a world of weird people out there in Pine Cove.

A Wednesday by Neeraj Pandey – A movie that I had been waiting to watch for a long time. The recent trip to India couldn’t have been complete without buying this DVD. I did and watched it over the weekend. I have to admit the movie deserved every single critical acclaim it received. The script was taut and the acting was tight. The plot was neat and the narration was crisp. Overall, a good movie that acted as an outlet for a social message.
Besides the above, I did watch a bunch of unmentionable movies thanks to my in-flight entertainment system. I am also reading the new Chetan Bhagat story…
Truly, I wish I can read more —