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While I was reading and watching..

Possible Side Effects by Augesten Burroughs – One of the few short essay collections or story collections that I enjoyed – mostly as my plane side read. The guy is funny, self-deprecating and pretty good in imagination.

The Stupidest Angel by Christpher Moore – Another gem by the man who has created some of the best satires of the 20th/21st centuries in American literature. If you liked his “Lamb”(which I did) and his “..Melancholy Cove..”, then this one is slightly mediocre in terms of the story, but Moore pulls it off convincingly through his narrative style. And yes, I do believe that there is a world of weird people out there in Pine Cove.

A Wednesday by Neeraj Pandey – A movie that I had been waiting to watch for a long time. The recent trip to India couldn’t have been complete without buying this DVD. I did and watched it over the weekend. I have to admit the movie deserved every single critical acclaim it received. The script was taut and the acting was tight. The plot was neat and the narration was crisp. Overall, a good movie that acted as an outlet for a social message.
Besides the above, I did watch a bunch of unmentionable movies thanks to my in-flight entertainment system. I am also reading the new Chetan Bhagat story…
Truly, I wish I can read more —