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The Man, The Charm and The Recession

When he starts speaking, it can be addictive. Why be ambivalent? It is addictive for me. I was ready to go, Shoes polished, Garage door opened, Dishes in the sink, Bags & office accessories on the aisle – and then..I just stood frozen, glaring at the TV not willing to power it off, though that was the primal intention behind picking up the remote control.

Took me about 5 minutes to realize that it is because of this man who started delivering yet another wonderful speech to a global audience (more specifically French, German and other European) in a town hall setting, was doing such a remarkable job that his words flew out of his mouth like pollen dust in spring. have no choice but to catch them because they are in the air and not falling off to the ground that easily. And not to mention, the charm he can hoist on his fans all over the world! Entire Europe warmed up to this man..
Oops. I have a serious addiction problem.
Of course, the real reason for his trip was to talk about recession with 19 other leaders. Apparently, he did an exceptionally good job by being the smooth moderator, by bringing enemies together to the negotiation corner and by even speaking Russian, Arabic and some other languages (don’t think Hindi was one of them). G-20 summit seemed like a good opportunity for all leaders to get together and put faces to names so that they can continue their dialogue through their diplomats later. I really hope they got something out of it.
iPod song selection, touching the queen, sleeveless dress and whatever else the tabloid love is, I believe it is only those who envy the charm of this man and his woman, who will deny that the President of the USA and the First lady were a success in Europe.