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Right Wing Terror

Had I been in a slightly better condition, not throwing up phlegm on my keyboard (ok..that is gross I know..), every time I typed a word that needed a punctuation at the end, like the word I just typed “end”, I would probably be a little more passionate about sharing my fear for the country, than what I am doing now. But some things are better shared before they are too late. This way, 2 months from now, when the mainstream media starts talking about it, I can say “I told you so..!”.

Not sure if I am the only one who is appalled by the growing trend among the conservatives to protest in wild & violent forms, vilifying the current government in all shapes & manners and calling it a growing movement or a revolution against “tyranny”. 3 months and the conservative stomachs have burst opened the belt buckles. All the fat and grease from their right wing blood is gushing out because they feel like they have been with no power for almost…yes..almost 100 days.
I don’t undermine people trying to protest trying to make a point. It is within the boundaries of democracy and everyone has a right to do so. But if anyone watched the Tea Party on April 15 and the purpose behind it, the kind of rants & anti-establishment slogans thrown at Obama, etc. it would just make them believe that this was not a normal protest. This was like the uprising of the KKK from the south in another form, through the really conservative pores of a really dirty old party.
In conjunction with the above menace, we also have been seeing increased gun deaths in the last few days. Just shocking to see how NRA controls the government and why even Obama has not done anything in haste yet. This can happen only in the most conservative country in the world, of course, if you don’t include extremely religious regimes of the Talibans or the Saudis.
Economy slowing down is a ripe time for crime to bloom. And if religious, right wing conservative terrorism supported by NRA joins the mix, we are in to experiencing a very western version of a Taliban government soon.
If that is my fear, then my hope is that the next generation of Americans, will wake up from their slumber and make a meaningful choice about their future. Or else, this will not remain a land of hope for a long time.