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The Dawning Rock

After contemplating for several weeks, After thinking about ragas ranging from Kalyani to Neelambari (within my limited classical music vocabulary) and After several half-hearted attempts, here is a full-hearted attempt to do something new. You may call this fusion if you like. This track is loosely (& heavily) based on “Raga Bhoopalam” – the classical raga in Carnatic music that represents Dawn. Hence the title..!″
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Lost in Poetry

Good and Bad

It is obvious to me

Who the good guys are in this one

And who the bad guys are.

The bad guys are the ones

Who say ******* is a stinking corpse,

And should be wiped off

The face of the earth.

That’s not a good guy!


You can’t blink

You have to be wired, In a way of being

So committed to the mission, The mission we are on,

Reform this country, And victory in the war,

You can’t blink..

So I didn’t blink!

Mother Nature

Denali, the great one, soaring under the midnight sun.

And then the extremes. In the winter time it’s the frozen road that is competing with the view of ice fogged frigid beauty, the cold though, doesn’t it split the Cheechakos from the Sourdoughs?

And then in the summertime such extreme summertime about a hundred and fifty degrees hotter than just some months ago,

Than just some months from now,

With fireweed blooming along the frost heaves

And merciless rivers that are rushing and carving

And reminding us that here, Mother Nature wins.


All excerpts from actual Sarah Palin speeches. Absolute crackers – And bountiful source of comical entertainment.

Wait! May be not. I think she is a poet. It is just that we are lost to get the meaning out of it all!


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Isn’t it sad that there is a group of people working diligently to bring down what genuinely seems like a change in the health care system in the country? This is probably the only system in the US that has largely remained untouched for decades. And here comes a bold President, who wants to change it and the political pillars of D.C. are creating a panic like never before. The rich do not want any change to the system because it works well – too well for them. The poor don’t know any better – because many don’t have any coverage at all today..And those in the middle know the best – because they have seen ups and downs. And they know what has worked for them and what has not. They know why the system is broken and why a more universal (and not necessarily social) option will help the country help progress. They know why borrowing a leaf out of European and Canadian health care systems is not a bad thing. They know only damn well that by doing that  the country does not become communist leaning. “Ridiculous”, they would say.

But none of the above matters to the Republicans. Because they are the catalysts to creating an eclipse to this massive reform. For a “Change”, How about giving it a chance?

Talking about Eclipses, Solar Eclipse’09 in India has already started spreading superstitious clouds over the people there…and it is time for all Astronomers(!) and whoever else to start making some quick bucks.

Who can act as a catalyst for creating an eclipse over this monster called superstitions there?

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Sense and Sensibility

Obama gets the honor to do the opening pitch at an All Star Game and as much he gave the ball too much trajectory, mind me, I am not a baseball expert, the curve was a little too much and certainly seemed nervous. I can understand that because, you are the President and this could very well turn out to be your crucification if you actually threw the ball into the dirt…(No – I am not being funny, because this country can derail politicians for some weird reasons). So, he lobs it and I would say the pitch ended up being fine & dandy. The fascinating part was how people viewed it so differently across political spectrums. Yes – I mean political spectrums. That’s how divisive this country is. Fox News trashed his pitching. Agreed, it was not as good how effortless Mr. W used to do..! But, what happened to sensible reporting – even if you want to be biased?

Sotomayor goes through a process of what in layman terms seems like “ragging”. I admire the democratic nature of the process and all..But who really cares if the process ends up being Republicans making use of the opportunity to bring out their political agenda and asking her why they think she is the next worst thing to Karl Marx? Again a classic example of a senseless process aimed at politicizing issues.

The past week has been pretty much a mixed bag. From trying to get used to a non-travel routine after almost 6 months, settling down into a new office with a great window (albeit only facing a parking lot) and mitigating & resolving issues/risks from a client post-go-live situation, I think as much I would like to think it was a stress free week, it was not. Weather is close to its best here in this part of the country. The challenges of a change in routine are enormous. Even if it seems like going from a more difficult routine to a relatively easier one. It can make you lose your sensibility.

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Indiana to Wisconsin and Chennai to Hyderabad

There is no apparent connection between the above two pairs of geographic locations other than the one I am trying to make here.

John Dillinger started from Indiana and died in Wisconsin. The foolhardy friends who started in Chennai to actually end up in Hyderabad, swerved off their path and ended up saving Saroja. That in summary were the 2 movies that I watched in the past week.

Saroja is a great reminder to movie fans like me that if you want to be a versatile movie maker you have to be able to make movies in all genres. Kudos to Venkat Prabhu for attempting a thriller. He could have easily gone wrong and made the movie an intolerable experience in spite of all the stylish camera work, etc. But, instead he made an entertaining movie that pretty much kept the audience glued to their seats without getting bored too much. The 2 unnecessary speed breakers that I thought could have been easily done away with are 1) the dance no. used as an introduction for Saroja (to me it looked more like a song inserted to showcase Yuvan) and 2) the song that appears just before the climax starts (sort of a motivational song). Overall, a good attempt by VP and I am sure his next venture “Goa” will be a worthy attempt too.

Public Enemies – I was mesmerized by Michael Mann’s directorial capabilities throughout the movie and of course, Johnny Depp’s effortless (seemingly) portrayal of a post great depression bank robber. I didn’t know who John Dillinger was till I read about this movie. But Mann has made an epic crime saga based of a relatively unknown story…When you walk out of the movie, you sort of feel bad for John Dillinger – It is weird, considering, he was the most notorious bank robber during his times. He had killed many people as well during this period. Doesn’t matter to Mr. Mann. You get to see a wide range emotions in JD’s life in these 120+ minutes movie. Love, Anger, Greed, Ruthlessness, Friendship, Pride, Confidence, etc. That to the viewer should highlight the challenging script the director had to tackle.

I recommend watching Public Enemies for 2 people – Mann and Depp!

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The Mighty and The Fallen

The Mighty
The Mighty

It is hard not to appreciate the feat – If you don’t want to, you have every right not to – but you know you are prejudiced and opinionated. Here is a man, all but 27 and has had 15 grand slams under his belt in just 6 years. I join millions in taking a bow to the ‘Mighty Master’ – Roger Federer.

The Fallen
The Fallen

Roddick was as dignified as Roger and earned more respect than him during the course of this really long match. The fallen hero of July 5, 2009, Andy Roddick deserves more than what he got in 2009. I hope he gets to kiss that trophy one day!

Andy – Keep your focus!! The consistency with which you played yesterday, you deserve to be up there. Tennis fans are proud of you.

Intense Focus

To say the very least, I think I envied whoever was at the Center Court yesterday. They got to witness one of the biggest matches of all time…and saw the story of “The Mighty and The Fallen” written in front of them on an unusually perfect British Summer day.