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Sense and Sensibility

Obama gets the honor to do the opening pitch at an All Star Game and as much he gave the ball too much trajectory, mind me, I am not a baseball expert, the curve was a little too much and certainly seemed nervous. I can understand that because, you are the President and this could very well turn out to be your crucification if you actually threw the ball into the dirt…(No – I am not being funny, because this country can derail politicians for some weird reasons). So, he lobs it and I would say the pitch ended up being fine & dandy. The fascinating part was how people viewed it so differently across political spectrums. Yes – I mean political spectrums. That’s how divisive this country is. Fox News trashed his pitching. Agreed, it was not as good how effortless Mr. W used to do..! But, what happened to sensible reporting – even if you want to be biased?

Sotomayor goes through a process of what in layman terms seems like “ragging”. I admire the democratic nature of the process and all..But who really cares if the process ends up being Republicans making use of the opportunity to bring out their political agenda and asking her why they think she is the next worst thing to Karl Marx? Again a classic example of a senseless process aimed at politicizing issues.

The past week has been pretty much a mixed bag. From trying to get used to a non-travel routine after almost 6 months, settling down into a new office with a great window (albeit only facing a parking lot) and mitigating & resolving issues/risks from a client post-go-live situation, I think as much I would like to think it was a stress free week, it was not. Weather is close to its best here in this part of the country. The challenges of a change in routine are enormous. Even if it seems like going from a more difficult routine to a relatively easier one. It can make you lose your sensibility.