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Isn’t it sad that there is a group of people working diligently to bring down what genuinely seems like a change in the health care system in the country? This is probably the only system in the US that has largely remained untouched for decades. And here comes a bold President, who wants to change it and the political pillars of D.C. are creating a panic like never before. The rich do not want any change to the system because it works well – too well for them. The poor don’t know any better – because many don’t have any coverage at all today..And those in the middle know the best – because they have seen ups and downs. And they know what has worked for them and what has not. They know why the system is broken and why a more universal (and not necessarily social) option will help the country help progress. They know why borrowing a leaf out of European and Canadian health care systems is not a bad thing. They know only damn well that by doing that  the country does not become communist leaning. “Ridiculous”, they would say.

But none of the above matters to the Republicans. Because they are the catalysts to creating an eclipse to this massive reform. For a “Change”, How about giving it a chance?

Talking about Eclipses, Solar Eclipse’09 in India has already started spreading superstitious clouds over the people there…and it is time for all Astronomers(!) and whoever else to start making some quick bucks.

Who can act as a catalyst for creating an eclipse over this monster called superstitions there?