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Iran’s tipping point

Keeping up with his reputation of being a master of playing his cards effectively, mostly to the effect quite contrary in the minds of his opponents, President Obama, is proving why the US foreign policies may after all win larger hearts around the world, eventually. The latest in his act being his reaction to Iran’s revelation of its 2nd nuclear site. This comes just a week after he successfully planted himself softly in Kremlin,by calling off the Eastern Europe missile shield program. Putin may be running out of too many options left inside his fort, to show why he is angry with the US.

So in this scenario, the situation should be treated positively by political pundits. Right? Of course not. In spite of seeing clear evidence of the whole world warming up towards the US, why are the Republicans so damn annoyed with Obama’s style? Of course, we know the answer. It really is a rhetorical question. They are afraid and at the same time, absolutely paranoid. The Republican way of thinking is to plant fear in people’s minds. Always. Surprisingly, it has worked every time. And their strategy seems to be making a dent in the American psyche yet again..what with all the tea baggers, birthers and other such groups slowly rising. I have a feeling that they are just a bunch KKK activists disguised in other names and reemerging as one of the above groups.

Amidst all these, what is the state of Ahmadinejad? He is in a delusional state and if that is really the case, then he is pushing his country into a bigger danger and dragging them to a tipping point.