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An excruciating joke…

First there was sun and then there was light. Once there was light, then there was life..First there was air and then there was fire. Once there was fire, then there was food.  Where am I going with this? If you find that thought excruciating, then the tussle that is still on in the Capitol should have your hair in splits. I find the lack of progress on the current health care reform equally and more excruciating, albeit, the debate itself is increasingly becoming a joke.

Isn’t it ginger awfully painful to see politicians not use their common sense and have politics dictate how many people should have control over their death in this supposedly the  most advanced country in the world?

Firstly, why do Democrats need to worry about getting a single Republican vote? Oh..yeah, because of the blue dogs. But they have become irrelevant now with the Max Baucus plan that is being smothered around across the aisle. And What is President Obama’s strategy? I feel he has got some kind of a very strong inner will to get it done but he is trying to operate in a pragmatic way.

I hope his inner strength helps us escape from this land of barbed fences that is “ticklingly” funny!