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Notes from the Road – Eurotrip’09 – Part 3

1) Vegetarianism is more popular than what I thought in Central Europe. I always had more than one choice in every meal.
2) Having your laptop malfunction when you are on the road (in a foreign country) is the next worst thing to losing your wallet & passport, while visiting a foreign country. And being a devoted Mac fan, it is all the more devastating..After the initial setback, I have managed to accept the reality.
3) “Deutsch” is a dificult language – but I would like to learn the language someday.
4) Autobahns can be scary for a first timer – but except for the speed factor, I have not experienced anything special on them.
5) The National Socialist Movement and its history have pretty much changed how Germans view the world. They may be a little too over cautious about their culture building.

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Notes from the Road – “verloren in Deutsch” (Lost in German) – Eurotrip’09 – Part 2

  1. Prague is a great city for absolute romantics. It is almost like Paris without the baggage (of everything being so fine & sophisticated)…A “fine arts meets common man” kind of a city.
  2. Autobahn is truly an experience to cherish – Of course, at the cost of holding your breath the first time speedometer crosses 200 km/h!
  3. Nazi history has to be retold – Agreed, they were the worst tyrants of the 20th century, but still to understand the movement, their motivation, their strategy and even their leadership/management styles will be worth the time – At least, mine, when I get a chance.
  4. There are many things (good) that the US hasn’t yet adapted from Europe – Example: public trash cans in many places have lids on them. Very rarely, do I see that kind of a design in the US.
  5. In spite of my skepticism for the availability of vegetarian food in Germany and Austria, I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised so far. If not ample, there are fairly decent choices available in general everywhere without much of a compromise on my taste buds.
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Notes from the Road – Eurotrip’09 – Part 1

  1. Pre-boarding Elite/Medallion members on NWA/Delta flights should be abandoned unless they start doing it in an order (Diamond first, followed by Platinum, Gold and then Silver). More than 50% of the travelers on an average seem to have some status, which is great but the concept of pre-boarding loses its privilege if 50% or more of the plane boards as part of this process.
  2. There should be a personality test when they hire Air Hostesses – I mean starting with basics..How to smile? How to ask questions politely? How to learn basic language etiquette? How to exhibit good manners? Just because one does not scream or does not have a loud voice, does not mean that the person can be a great attendant/air hostess. My experience last night from DTW to AMS – I was hoping someone else would serve my side of the aisle..after the first time this lady came with a rubber face & found it hard to acknowledge my “Please” and “Thank You”..And found out that she was not doing that just to me, but to everyone she served.
  3. Repeat Note – Coach class seat design should be totally revamped. How about creating 2-3 sets of coach class seats with a few seats for accommodating the tall ones so that they don’t suffer the risk of getting DVT?
  4. Prague is a beautiful city – but haven’t really seen it yet. First impressions based on the cab ride, hotel check-in and some walk through the main street – Very laid back for a week day, Of course the holiday ambience must be adding to the effect..
  5. Internet access in hotels should become free of charge, specially if you are staying in a pretty decent hotel. I can’t understand why one wants to charge 1000 CZK per day (that’s about $63) for a really high-speed connection..
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When she went shopping…

The below flowchart is funny. I even had my wife confirm that this is funny (she normally is not the kind who approves jokes that are borderline sexist) I will give credit to the person who came up with this, if only I know who it is.

Difference between how guys and gals buy shoes:

How Women buy shoes...



How guys buy shoes
How guys buy shoes