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Notes from the Road – “verloren in Deutsch” (Lost in German) – Eurotrip’09 – Part 2

  1. Prague is a great city for absolute romantics. It is almost like Paris without the baggage (of everything being so fine & sophisticated)…A “fine arts meets common man” kind of a city.
  2. Autobahn is truly an experience to cherish – Of course, at the cost of holding your breath the first time speedometer crosses 200 km/h!
  3. Nazi history has to be retold – Agreed, they were the worst tyrants of the 20th century, but still to understand the movement, their motivation, their strategy and even their leadership/management styles will be worth the time – At least, mine, when I get a chance.
  4. There are many things (good) that the US hasn’t yet adapted from Europe – Example: public trash cans in many places have lids on them. Very rarely, do I see that kind of a design in the US.
  5. In spite of my skepticism for the availability of vegetarian food in Germany and Austria, I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised so far. If not ample, there are fairly decent choices available in general everywhere without much of a compromise on my taste buds.