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Notes from the Road – Eurotrip’09 – Part 3

1) Vegetarianism is more popular than what I thought in Central Europe. I always had more than one choice in every meal.
2) Having your laptop malfunction when you are on the road (in a foreign country) is the next worst thing to losing your wallet & passport, while visiting a foreign country. And being a devoted Mac fan, it is all the more devastating..After the initial setback, I have managed to accept the reality.
3) “Deutsch” is a dificult language – but I would like to learn the language someday.
4) Autobahns can be scary for a first timer – but except for the speed factor, I have not experienced anything special on them.
5) The National Socialist Movement and its history have pretty much changed how Germans view the world. They may be a little too over cautious about their culture building.