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Orchestral Melee

Having a deadline helps. I vouch for this to be true always when it comes to tasks related to my professional life. When it comes to tasks in my day to day personal life, I would say, the above is true most of the times. But very rarely, my brain is at its best and delivers more than expected under a deadline, when it comes to creative tasks. I do believe creativity should not be curtailed by any time limits and should be left to expand or grow till it hits a block. This, is true in my opinion in all form of creative arts.

Which is why, this composition titled “Orchestral melee”, in spite of it being a very short piece, gives me immense satisfaction listening to it almost 2 years after it was composed (conceptualization to final mastering) literally in less than an hour, because of a deadline I had to work under. I consider this a rare phenomenon given my limited experience. But, of course, you have every right not to like it..Do post your comments.″