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Lost in my Mind

[Note: This poem was written about 8 years ago]

Lost in my Mind…

A blissful alley of emotions–incognizant of human virtues,
A dark winter day images–indulgent thoughts;
In want of an irreplaceable eternity;
In quest of an infinite indemnity.

A life full of perishable values and irrelevant audacity,
A voyage with an indefinite destination;
I am at a loss for not knowing my goal–as an inept marching soldier,
I am at a gloomy height–being an ignoramus soul.

For the reverend minds of the better lived,
For the blessed hearts in this sinful world,
I bow my head to be bestowed upon with your riches,
I stretch out to learn the meaning for my living.

Meandering through my oblivious Mind are my salvage prayers,
Mystifying my inner soul is my salvation seeking;
I desire not to desire on earthly material–
I decry my pleasure for flesh and pound;
I constantly urge to steam out from these miseries–
I wish I knew how.
Amidst all, I am disoriented and am lost in my Mind.