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Staying up High

Here is an attempt to do something different.  I will try to write about what inspired me to write this song under the Musical Jive page, one of these days.″


Cracking at the Dawn..

The daylight that’s gone.

Walking down the Lane (Felt a)

Tingling on my Cane…

Pitching for a Drop shot,

Forking up the Dollar…

Teaming with the Light..

Trying to stand straight

Weakening of my knees (As the)

Trembling brings some Trees..

Bringing it ..bringing it ..bringing it down..

Bringing it ..bringing it..bringing it down..(The Earth is)

Bringing it ..bringing it..bringing it down..

Bringing it…bringing it..bringing it down..


Running for my Life

Jumping in Strife

Thrusting out my Chest (I am)

Giving up with no Protest..

Searching for one Life

Looking at the Dead..

Losing all my Hopes (Will I be)

Tossing all my ropes?

Mangling of a steel hive

Pulling out none alive..

Staying up ..Staying up ..Staying up ..high..(We all)

Staying up ..staying up..staying up..high!!

Staying up ..staying up..staying up..high!!