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Staying up High

Here is an attempt to do something different.  I will try to write about what inspired me to write this song under the Musical Jive page, one of these days.″


Cracking at the Dawn..

The daylight that’s gone.

Walking down the Lane (Felt a)

Tingling on my Cane…

Pitching for a Drop shot,

Forking up the Dollar…

Teaming with the Light..

Trying to stand straight

Weakening of my knees (As the)

Trembling brings some Trees..

Bringing it ..bringing it ..bringing it down..

Bringing it ..bringing it..bringing it down..(The Earth is)

Bringing it ..bringing it..bringing it down..

Bringing it…bringing it..bringing it down..


Running for my Life

Jumping in Strife

Thrusting out my Chest (I am)

Giving up with no Protest..

Searching for one Life

Looking at the Dead..

Losing all my Hopes (Will I be)

Tossing all my ropes?

Mangling of a steel hive

Pulling out none alive..

Staying up ..Staying up ..Staying up ..high..(We all)

Staying up ..staying up..staying up..high!!

Staying up ..staying up..staying up..high!!


Besides fantasizing about being a Peter Gibbons at least for a couple of days at my work, I think I have a long way to go to realize some of the other fantasies. But like any ambitious man out there, I will get there! Note: All views expressed in this blog are mine alone and have got nothing to do with my company Cogent IBS, Inc., its employees or any of its affiliates.

5 thoughts on “Staying up High

  1. There is that ” Hook” that you talk about in this song! that catchy, gothic pull at the end of each line of the song, is definitely new.

    The beat is good…I like the humming….after each line of the lyrics.The humm aftr “searching for 1 life” is a brave attempt.! But the beat does not represent the lyrics…why? Deliberate attempt to emphasis “Staying high, more than the other part of lyrics?.For the lyrics, the tune sounds differently cool.
    lyrics is the second best thing that i like in this song..the first….is the tune., i mean your voice with that tune. ‘mangling of the steel hive…” trying to stand straight, weakening of my knees” “Searching for 1 life.”..all show the real picture, as if you are the one who experienced..

    How long did you take to write the lyrics? you must have done the lyrics first…I think i can guess what inspired you to write it.

    The Choir interlude is adding to the eerie feel of the lyrics..

    The voice is good…esp the intro..
    You have started with the double bass prelude?! Its very very catchy to start with…I love that instrument..i have heard it in few songs, but the beginning in” just died in your arms tonight” song’ is a very short piece but catchy and i can still recall.., you have used it effectively here..Those strings stay in the background through out, i feel it could have been highlighted in some more places..i like its grand feel.

    The very fact that your song needs detailed dissection for understanding your thought and mood during the making, shows your dedication for the song and the depth of the affection caused by that factor of inspiration..
    Very good work…need to comment more(!!) following your explanation..

  2. That’s a very good analysis..To be honest, this is sort of a complicated feeling to explain and hence I decided to post it separately when I am in a more pensive mood. But as you must have guessed it, the song is an after effect of Haiti..but I tried to make it more generic. More generic about nature and how small we are.
    Just to give some context to the song, I pictured this song to be sort of like a conversation with one person asking the question (the voice in the beginning) and the other person responding….And since I imagined it to be conversation happening at a bar, the person asks for “light”. But those words have a symbolic reference as well..:-)

    The lyrics – Once I got the hook, I wrote the lyrics and then finished the song. The lyrics didn’t take too long – probably 15-20 minutes.

    Good observation on the beat..I didn’t want the song to sound very sober even though it talks about some serious stuff…Exactly as you pointed out “staying up high” is the positive human message I want anyone to take out of the song. Originally I had the song titled “Brining it down” and the mood of the song was very different..(with no beats, etc.)..So, once I decided that the song is going to end on a positive note, I had to rework the mood. Thus the beats came in..The choir sound definitely brings the effect I want for the song. I am happy with that and also the beat that goes around “bringing it” and “staying up”.

    Of course – I wish it was sung by a better singer..

    Overall, it is a very abstract concept that I came up with and hence some experimentation.

    Bass – yes. love the sound of it..I wanted to use it for the conversation.

  3. Oh! Fine…I was right! understood the concept and situation. I knew you did not want to highlight the sad part of the event,and wanted to be positive , as the life has to go on for the ones who escaped…
    Very are experimental like ARR, who has brought in such revolutions in Music..It takes some time for us to understand why he uses such Mismatching rhythms and tones sometimes, but the Music finally goes well with the concepts and become a hit..!
    Great Job…Keep it up!!

  4. really good voice and lyrics..and humanity.
    I like the song with more subdued, with no high pitches.. you should use your voice more like leonordo cohen here used excellently by oliver stone in his maddest movie natural born killers..

    ofcourse, every one can give cheap opinions.. 😉
    I was just commenting on the art, the message ofcourse is cool.

  5. Thanks Vamsee. No opinion is a cheap opinion specially when it comes to creative work. One may choose to disagree or agree with that 🙂

    Didn’t remember the Opening credits of NBK – been a long time. Just checked out. I know what you mean.

    Yes. I will be the first person to agree that I am a bad I wish I could have gotten a better singer for this song. May be if all my work eventually turns into an album of some sorts, then I will redo these tracks with the right voice and singers.

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