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The curious case of chutney case

Thanks to the obnoxious humor that this man portrays through his Jalsas and Jilpas, I am in the process of getting introduced to many more equally obnoxious Indian bloggers. So the past few months have just made me feel small. Of course, this post is not about how small I feel.

This post is to make a general observation on the increasing copyright infringement trends that we are witnessing of late, on intellectual properties, specially of those who spend so much of their valuable & productive time creating their obnoxious blog posts, during their office hours or during their domestic Reality TV watching hours. Either way, it is becoming extremely challenging to monitor who copies whose ideas, blogs, pictures, cartoons, etc. in a wired world where everything is just a google click or a bing throw away.

For starters, let me talk about coconut chutney. If this girl cannot be called obnoxiously and annoyingly funny, then I don’t know who can be. She had this really incredible idea in 2008 of a gay iyengar guy wanting to marry another iyengar guy. One may wonder, what is so funny about it. If at all, it is the exact opposite of being funny, one may argue to be politically correct. But the inane and immature folks with an extra long funny bone, will however conclude what Lavanya came up with the above mentioned theme, is an absolute stunner of a chutney (slightly tangy though). She probably is not a very ambitious writer nor someone who thought of her chutney making skills with so much pomp. Else, she would have taken necessary steps to acquire a patent for her post along with 100% license on the creative content of the story, characters, theme, etc. After all, that is what all bloggers do. As soon as they click on “Publish”, they go running from pillar to post to complete all the paper or digital work.

The Main Course of this post revolves around a small time filmmaker who made a short film in 2010 (or 2009?) whose original story was apparently written by his friend. I am not naming the two of them because I know I am going to be a in a big legal mess if I do. The plot thickened when the short film hit youtube (which is normally where creative artists meet their end) and within no time, my Tweetdeck app was crying out loud. For all Lavanya’s fans, this was desecration and for all bloggers in general, this was another example of how easily some lazy creative artists (!!) can steal their ideas and make some faming dough out of them, all along claiming that they don’t even know what Internet is. Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to provide the youtube link of the video, because the filmmakers got the message fairly quickly and brought it down. The fuel to the fire was added when the director went onto take a low road by claiming that he had just bought his first computer and didn’t even know what the symbol for copyright is.

For Dessert, Let me serve just one thing. Chutney case is the most rotten chutney I have ever tasted. It is almost like Crazy Mohan took up blogging and started serving coconut chutney with his family.

As for the budding filmmaker who had a false start, I am sure he will move on. This misstep probably is not going to cost him much..As for his friend, who claimed the story to be his, I am sure he will move on too. Probably to another blog. As for the copyrights issue itself, I am sure it will get murkier and murkier when it comes to creative licenses on blog contents.

As for me, the stale remains of coconut chutney in my tongue will continue to haunt. What to do?


Besides fantasizing about being a Peter Gibbons at least for a couple of days at my work, I think I have a long way to go to realize some of the other fantasies. But like any ambitious man out there, I will get there! Note: All views expressed in this blog are mine alone and have got nothing to do with my company Cogent IBS, Inc., its employees or any of its affiliates.

9 thoughts on “The curious case of chutney case

    1. Not sure what you mean…If your comment is a sarcastic remark on my post, then I am sorry to say that I never called myself a satirist.

  1. chutney case is certainly very entertaining. and ms. chutney case is surely not a “good writer” by my definition but surely a very creative, original person with enuf sarcasm and diplomacy to take all the attention (be it good or bad)

    Btw.i am less popular and more boring blogger and ca student as well and i never thot i’d see another ca student blogging..i m glad there are more people doing things more than just articles and prime classes in chennai! kudos to ms. cc! aaal da best.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kanikas..Blogging is all about self-expression…so what may be boring to someone may not be boring to all.
      Yes. CC is a great satirist and I am not the only fan of her humor.

  2. I suppose Chutney case has the connections and network on the blogging sphere for the popularity. It puts a smile on my face sometimes and some times feel like its an exaggerated effort trying to sound cool and funny which is easy to pull off in an usually modest chennai crowd. And of course, being a girl has its advantages.

    1. I agree about the networking. While I think she is definitely an above average blogger, she is not the best and one of the major reasons for her success is the network. However, I disagree the part about being a girl (being one myself). Like someone else said, I also run a modest blog which is not humor based, but readership is not half as much because I am not a very social person, nor am I too active on social networks. (Even though many people tell me I write well, and one of my posts got to the Huffington Post blog).
      Point being- being a girl is not always helpful enough.

      1. Agree with you Suchi. Being a girl doesn’t help necessarily. Content matters. One can certainly increase readership through networking & social media connections but if the content is not good then people won’t read. Period.

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