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Turncoat Thillana

May be I am on a musical overdrive. But what the heck!

After some exchanges on Mohana Kalyani with one of my cousins recently, my interest to do another classical raga interpretation got reignited. (I had done a Bhoopalam based piece earlier).

With no real idea except the basic goal of understanding & experimenting with the raga, I started fooling around in my studio. Initially some ‘Jathis’ were added. But later I thought unless I am able to do a whole hearted attempt on Jathis, of which I am no expert on, it is better to pull that out.

So, what I got after 4 hours was a piece which is heavily based on my interpretation of Mohana Kalyani in a Thillana style improvised by me. Calling it “Turncoat Thillana” for the slightly naughty liberty that I took.″