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Notes from the Road – NCR – Week 1

  • February may be the best time to visit the Delhi area as it turned out in my case. Awesome temperature so far..
  • Pollution – There is a perpetual fog in the mornings which I have never seen in any city before. Feel bad for the unprotected residents of the area! Also read recently New Delhi indeed tops the charts in India as far as pollution goes..
  • Gurgaon has grown beyond my imagination. What used to be a small industrial town in my memory some 15 years ago now clearly is the metro hub of NCR..Have been enjoying my minimal restaurant outings so far..
  • One of the best Rajasthani meals I have ever had – At Rajdhani..For 200 odd bucks, you are treated like a ‘mehmaan’ from the moment you enter the door..The ‘meetha pan’ was the only disappointed, if I may add..
  • Week 1 will no doubt be remembered for Tendulkar’s 200 among other things. What a knock and what a shame that I just couldn’t find a minute to watch it live..Have been bombarded with highlights of his knock ever since in many TV channels..