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March Madness – A BFD

Ha..Gotcha..! This is not about brackets or who is in final 4 and all that ‘hoop’la. This is just a recap of what the POTUS – Obama did in March, 2010 and may be you will agree that it was indeed Madness, in a good way.

Health Care Reform –   ✔

Nuclear arms pact with Russia –  ✔

An unusual, yet an all important meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu (who was the first International leader who thought & foolishly assumed that he could push his way and agenda through a young, juvenile President Obama, but went back home with an apparent stick)  –  ✔

Education Reform –  ✔

Offshore Drilling along the coast –  ✔

Sudden trip to Afghanistan to meet with the troops and also to convey a tough message to Karzai –  ✔

Collaborative message to Iran along with France –  ✔

And….a few more..Oops did I miss his bracket selection, white house seder, etc.?

I say it was a BDF for Obama to have finally trampled over his adversaries in the only way he could.

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American Jihad

And before my blog readers (who by the way are increasing in 100s every day) give up on me because of my rather dry output in the month of March, let me assure you that this too shall pass. Errrr..what a coincidence to be talking about it during Passover!

It sort of feels like I am trying to finish this post in such a hurry, leaving it unleavened (sort of like how the enslaved left Egypt),  if you know the reference. But all references apart, I ask myself why is the American Jihad on the rise? Why couldn’t the genuinely patriotic conservatives of this country make sure that the inflammatory passion doesn’t rise? – Leave it unleavened, in other words. Real Republicans are those who care for the country and will always wish for its good. Not those who ignite fuel to the fire..(comments like “let us not retreat but reload”)! Now I think if this continues, we are not going to end up with a “Matza” but with literally some messy bread crumbs.

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Yet..and Again..

I can’t possibly remember a period in my calendar in the recent past that can be compared to my current state of existence. Do not want to sound too overwhelmed nor too excited about what is going on around me. Let us just say that it all started with Valentine’s day. …Five weeks later, I am still in a romancing state of mind. (Objects vary everyday).

If a simple exchange of cards and gifts can express one’s true love to another, then I failed miserably in expressing mine to all whom I love, this past Valentine’s day. But then, my excuse is that I didn’t even try. A week before Valentine’s day, I was shopping for little spiderman valentines for my son’s class celebration, which by the way is a custom that has gone beyond being absolutely ridiculous, when it struck me that I hadn’t got anything for my dear better half. That was that. This specific thought never struck me again…Not till the Valentine’s day.

In the interest of saving some bandwidth, I would like you to assume what could have happened on that questionable day…and hence won’t try to explain the dramatic proceedings act by act, but would like to simply move onto what followed the rather unpleasant day. I had to make an  emergency business trip to India. As I am learning now, 2 weeks after successfully completing my mission in India, that an emergency business situation in India may just mean that two people agreed upon a certain point of contention. It need not have created a real emergency situation, like how I would imagine.

The 3 weeks in India ended on a shocking note when I read an email from my wife that the basement could be flooded but I needn’t worry as she was going to take care of it after she got home. Again, in the interest of saving some bandwidth, I am going to jump straight to where I am today, because anyone who has been in a flooded basement situation (which could be 90% of you), knows what it takes to unflood the basement and what follows the unflooding.

A week in Orlando (planned) happened and it was a blur… as my mind was on the rodent that cost us some repungnant sum of money. I was not prepared for jumping into 3 simlultaneous home improvement projects (painting, flooring and others) and hence, that’s precisely what I am into now.

A health care reform reaction, A VTV review or a Thamizh Padam review – There is a topic from everyday of the last month that I could blog about..Yet…

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Notes from the Road – India through a business traveler’s eyes

Week 2 and Week 3

  • Couldn’t have found a better location to travel to as a business traveler. Gurgaon is probably the most modern city/town that India can offer to Western business travelers (as a complete package). So much so, that I heard one of my drivers mention that there are no places for common men to shop for their daily needs such as groceries, etc. Malls, Malls and more malls.
  • In fact, there are so many malls in Gurgaon within a 10-15 kilometer radius that you wonder, if there is any other city in the world that can boast of that kind of mall density. Henceforth, I coin a new statistical measure – MDI (Mall Density Index). The MDI for Gurgaon is somewhere close to 1.0 (Malls within a kilometer radius).
  • Domestic air travel has become so common that Indian metro airports on weekend mornings look like Walmart on a Black Friday…and on week day mornings, look like Walmart on a Saturday. But in spite of the continuous growth that the air industry has witnessed over the years and the increase in air passenger traffic, some of the airports too have gotten better – overall. Hyderabad airport apparently is ranked No. 1 in some list and am not surprised why. To me it is simply the best airport in India and probably in the top 5 of my favorite airports list.
  • Business Travelers some time get to see a part of India (specially if they are in Gurgaon), that is experienced by only a very small percentage of the country’s population. Yet, there are certain aspects of everyday normal Indian life they cannot avoid experiencing. Like, calling a cab company to make a reservation and getting a confirmation (with the cab number, driver’s phone number, etc.) on one’s cell phone within a couple of minutes, only to realize after 30 minutes that the cab driver was not even informed about your reservation. Or driving through the inner roads to beat the traffic based on the driver’s recommendations, only to realize that you would be late by an hour for your appointment. Time seems to be perceived as a commodity that is available in abundant supplies for normal Indians, yet the reality is that there are only 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour and no one could change that. Yet, it is amusing how people take other’s time for granted. As someone who is providing services to a client in a professional set up, there is not a single day so far, when everything I planned went as per my plans on time.
  • A weekend in Chennai is not enough to reconnect with my roots, yet, I got some taste of it through a concert, a movie (Thamizh Padam – an audacious attempt and is worth every penny) and some family get togethers. What I didn’t have time to do was to connect with friends. Oh well, that’s the best part — Having friends who can understand why you couldn’t spend time with them. With family, it is not easy to stray away from their expectations.