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Mr. Cool

Well, for someone who was anti-IPL (the format and the way it was promoted) in season 1, I have to confess that the entertainment value of this format sucked me right into it during IPL 3. I bought the package and watched almost all the matches either live or their highlights, later on. And don’t know why (!!), I was rooting for CSK with RCB and DC as my no. 2 and no. 3 favorite teams. The only reason DC wasn’t no. 2 in my list was because of the fact that the team was overly dependent on non-Indian players…Actually, non-Deccan players to be precise. T Suman clicked in a couple of matches but that was after my list was finalized.

I will say it once again – T-20 is a format where there is hardly any predictability possible (with some amount of rationalization). Yes. There are good players, there are average players and then there are dismal players. But it all depends on how much time they get either with their bats or with the ball to prove their mettle.

Am glad for CSK for 2 reasons:

1) MSD proved that he is the coolest captain around. Can’t give enough examples on how his captaincy won games for the team..The fielding changes in the final – to move Raina to deep mid-wicked for Tiwary and then to move Haydos to a straight mid-off position for Pollard were brilliant, to point a few.

2) The franchise owner (India Cements) unlike all the other owners is the only owner in the league that has a real investment for the game of cricket. Tamil Nadu cricket scene has seen India Cements for almost 5 decades…and their dedication & commitment to the game cannot be termed in financial terms alone. So, I am glad such a franchise is getting the reward for believing in the game & the team out of true passion.

For now, Mr. Cool – MSD deserves a pat on his back. Not to miss out the newer stars from Chennai – Vijay, Ashwin, Badri…They all had a great tournament. Bollinger & Murali did their heroics and Raina has turned out to be a match winner! Well done, men in yellow..!

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Twitter Maturity Model (TMM)

Maturity model

A maturity model can be described as a structured collection of elements that describe certain aspects of maturity in an organization or an individual.

A maturity model may provide, for example :

  • a place to start
  • the benefit of a community’s/individual’s prior experiences
  • a common language and a shared vision
  • a framework for prioritizing actions
  • a way to define what improvement means for you individually or for your organization.

A maturity model can be used as a benchmark for comparison and as an aid to understanding – for example, for comparative assessment of different organizations or individuals where there is something in common that can be used as a basis for comparison. In the case of the TMM, for example, the basis for comparison would be the individual’s tweeting process.

The above definition is based on wikipedia.

I have decided to define a Twitter Maturity Model, specially given the increase in the number of Tweeters of late and how twitter has taken the center stage of modern day communication. Since it can be used by pretty much anyone – common men to politicians including POTUS, why not develop a model which when applied to different individuals, helps them assess themselves? This may help them to know when to tweet and when not to & most importantly what to tweet & what not to. And may help the followers to pick & choose whom to follow & whom not to follow.

Twitter Maturity Model (TMM)

Purpose: To know where you are in the maturity model ladder. Once you identify yourself as a TMM1 or TMM2 or…, you know what to do to mature to the next level.

The Twitter Maturity Model involves the following aspects:

  • Maturity Levels: a 5-Level process maturity continuum – where the uppermost (5th) level is a notional ideal state where tweets are a combination of philanthropy and rapid action based.
  • Key Tweet Areas: a Key Tweet Area (KTA) identifies a cluster of related tweets that, when hash-tagged (#) collectively, achieves a set of goals considered important.
  • Goals: the goals of a key tweet area summarize the states that must exist for that key tweet area to have been implemented in an effective and lasting way. The extent to which the goals have been accomplished is an indicator of how much capability the tweeter has established at that maturity level. The goals signify the scope, boundaries, and intent of each key tweet area.
  • Common Features: common features include practices that implement and institutionalize a key tweet area. There are five types of common features: Commitment to Tweet regularly (a fixed number of tweets every day), Ability to Tweet under all circumstances (even when one is on a vacation), Tweets on general activitiesPerformed, Measurement and Analysis of things you generally observe, and Verifying & making fun of others’ tweets.
  • Key Practices: The key practices describe the elements of humor and seriousness that contribute most effectively to the implementation and institutionalization of the KTAs.

Levels of the Twitter Maturity Model (TMM)

There are five levels defined along the continuum of TMM.

“Predictability, effectiveness, humor, and control of an individual’s tweeting processes are believed to improve as the individual moves up these five levels. While not rigorous, the empirical evidence to date supports this belief.”

  1. Novice (chaotic, ad-hoc, random tweets) – the starting point for use of a new tweeter..(Example tweets: a tweet on “Just finished my lunch” is followed by a tweet after 3 days along the lines of “monday..huh!)
  2. Getting-hang-of-it (more regular, started following a few people) – the tweets are more managed according to the metrics defined. knows how to read tweets, figured out hash tags, have chosen a few people to follow (Example tweets: Watching IPL game 37″ is followed by That was a great game” after 4 hours)
  3. Got-it (you have followers other than those who you forced to follow, tweets on a daily basis) – the tweets are becoming more and more regular, have started using other tweeting tools instead of going to, checks others’ tweets regularly on a topic and also responds to others’ tweets (Example tweets: Wish IHOP stopped making pancakes”, “the only pancake I will ever eat is the one I make @ home. LOL.”, “Why is there no maple syrup in maple syrup?”, “Because it is expensive”..all these above tweets go one after another before you finish your breakfast)
  4. Egoistic  (you have spammers as your followers, more self-indulgent tweets) – you start keeping tab of the number of followers you have on a daily basis, starts having goals on the number of followers you should hit every month, start tweeting about your blog, your music, your work, your clothes, your %$%.., starts RTing your own tweets or any tweets that others tweet about you (Example tweets: “RT: @iamgod this guy is da best. noone can talk so much about pancakes through tweets like he does”, “Pancakes and Maple Syrup: Check out my blog:$”, “Twitter power – I have 20000 followers now. Thanks for all the love” “Join me for a live webcast @ 6:30 PM ET, I will be with @retardno1 to promote our new website”)
  5. Power-to-change-the-world (messiah like feeling clouds you, you start RTing others’ problems) – this is when you start looking for problems that others may have so that you can tweet about it with a hope that someone somewhere will help this poor soul and you can take credit for it, can’t sleep without solving at least one problem a day through your tweets (Example tweets: “RT: @needhelp1: RT: @needhelp2 – Blood group AB1 needed in Omaha St. Mercy hospital. Call 4089887665”, “In New York, talking to coal miners to understand why they moved out of WV. Real sad state..”, “Can Ioffer my time for Haiti? Or not?”)

Now that I have established my premise here on how TMM will actually help all of us, the tweeters and the followers, I wish the whole LKM & ST tweet row was sorted out amicably through their respective TMM levels. Everyone including the PM would have known who is more mature (and hence can be trusted) and whose tweets not to believe in.

Anyway, I will confess that I am a 3+ (sometimes 4)…I think.

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புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள் (Tamil New year Wishes..)

தை பொங்கல் பொங்கலே…சித்திரை முதல் நாள் தமிழ் புத்தாண்டே..
மாற்றுவது மடமையென்றால்..மாற்றச்சொல்லி வற்புறுத்துவது…??

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IPL Raker

If you thought IPL is all about entertainment on the field, no – there is more entertainment off it & Thanks to Twitter, there is a lot of raking going on – specially as IPL 3 gathers momentum for the final stages. It is not hard to guess who these comments belong to.These are not necessarily whom I follow. But these are those who have contributed to the entertainment factor off the field for sure…

IPL Raker
IPL Raker 2
IPL Raker 3
IPL Raker 4
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A Market street stroll

I think the only problem I have with Vasantha Balan’s “Angadi Theru” is his directorial inability to satisfy his creative persona. The creator in him wanted to portray suffering as it exists in real world in Ranganathan Street. But the director had too much too chew, when the focus of the story was really on these 2 young adults trying to make a living, falling in love and supporting their struggling families all while suffering through capitalistic exploitations. In the process, there are several characters that were brought in just to showcase suffering without really contributing to the main storyline.

Now, the above critical comment notwithstanding, I have to confess that this is an honest movie that shook me . I am familiar with these “Annachi” likes who have moved on and grown bigger..after building their empires in south Tamil Nadu. Growing up in Tirunelveli, I actually know some families who sent their kids to work in certain “stores” in Ranganathan street. Leaving the dramatization of certain aspects of the bossy sadism portrayed in the movie, this movie should bring some focus on this ‘industry’ and its inhuman labor practices.

I was very impressed with the very honest & very real opinions expressed by Vasantha Balan in this interview. My stroll to the market street shook me, moved me and certainly made me reach out for Kleenex.

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Q1 Results – Better than expected

I would be the last one to buy what Wall Street serves and yet, it is discomfortingly unavoidable to live in a Wall Street free world. I should actually be writing about “The Art of Financial Lying” and how in my opinion it (lying) is the very foundation of the Financial industry. That would be a blasphemous post and would make me look like an idiot in the eyes of the majority of the educated world who thrive on “Economics”. Well, so much for what this post is really not about.

The Q1 results being discussed are for the Tamil movie industry. In the first 3 months, I can list 4 movies that have defied the rules and have managed to float above the water. Commercial success apart, these 4 movies in my view are setting a great standard for new and wannabe filmmakers like me to build some confidence.

VTV – What more can I say about this simple, yet classy movie by one of the filmmakers I admire? It was always a risky business to take a simple one liner like this movie’s and make a 2:30 movie out of it. This movie defied rules not at the same plane as AO or Goa or Thamizh Padam did, but at a totally different level. One may argue that it had so many things going for it even before it was released – such as Gautham, ARR, Simbu and Trisha.But to me those are the exact factors that would have made it more challenging for Gautham to defy rules. He possibly could have chosen a Simbu friendly script (pre-VTV Simbu, to be precise) and could have waded along with obvious Trisha glamour coating & Rahman’s brand. Instead, what he chose to do was the exact opposite (except the Rahman part). I am glad I watched the movie alone. Without going into a scene by scene dissection, I should say I just related to many knots in the movie and some lines (dialogues) were simply genuine and from the heart, given the context. Of course, Rahman’s music couldn’t have given any more support than what it did – In other words, as a Rahman fan, it was relieving to see a Tamil movie work finally for him in all respects. Kudos to Gautham for the way he went about promoting his movie. Certainly a lesson or two to be learnt from that as far as movie marketing goes. At least, for me.

Thamizh Padam – This movie was CS Amudhan’s test for the Tamil movie audience. I think most of the movie goers in Tamil Nadu passed this test. And what a great avenue this test result could expose Tamil movies and its audience to! We have seen satire in many movies but always over the top or too subtle or buried under double entendre and most importantly, always in short bursts. Here comes an ad-film maker and picks a target that no one had aimed at, before & ensures he hits the bull’s eye – almost too casually. To paraphrase Sudhish Kamath, this movie together with Goa, which were released at the same time, were like double dose of irreverence served at the same time to the Tamil audience. To top it all, he and Venkat Prabhu have continued to set an example to show a new way of “communication” and ” professionalism” that the industry has been so ready for. If the newer generation of film makers (and possibly older too??) can take a leaf out of this page, then there truly is a reason for Tamilians to smile.

Angadi Theru – Have been reading great reviews..and will be watching it this week.

Overall, a great quarter and one can only hope that Q2 does not do so bad as Ravanan is slated for a May release.