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A Market street stroll

I think the only problem I have with Vasantha Balan’s “Angadi Theru” is his directorial inability to satisfy his creative persona. The creator in him wanted to portray suffering as it exists in real world in Ranganathan Street. But the director had too much too chew, when the focus of the story was really on these 2 young adults trying to make a living, falling in love and supporting their struggling families all while suffering through capitalistic exploitations. In the process, there are several characters that were brought in just to showcase suffering without really contributing to the main storyline.

Now, the above critical comment notwithstanding, I have to confess that this is an honest movie that shook me . I am familiar with these “Annachi” likes who have moved on and grown bigger..after building their empires in south Tamil Nadu. Growing up in Tirunelveli, I actually know some families who sent their kids to work in certain “stores” in Ranganathan street. Leaving the dramatization of certain aspects of the bossy sadism portrayed in the movie, this movie should bring some focus on this ‘industry’ and its inhuman labor practices.

I was very impressed with the very honest & very real opinions expressed by Vasantha Balan in this interview. My stroll to the market street shook me, moved me and certainly made me reach out for Kleenex.