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Mr. Cool

Well, for someone who was anti-IPL (the format and the way it was promoted) in season 1, I have to confess that the entertainment value of this format sucked me right into it during IPL 3. I bought the package and watched almost all the matches either live or their highlights, later on. And don’t know why (!!), I was rooting for CSK with RCB and DC as my no. 2 and no. 3 favorite teams. The only reason DC wasn’t no. 2 in my list was because of the fact that the team was overly dependent on non-Indian players…Actually, non-Deccan players to be precise. T Suman clicked in a couple of matches but that was after my list was finalized.

I will say it once again – T-20 is a format where there is hardly any predictability possible (with some amount of rationalization). Yes. There are good players, there are average players and then there are dismal players. But it all depends on how much time they get either with their bats or with the ball to prove their mettle.

Am glad for CSK for 2 reasons:

1) MSD proved that he is the coolest captain around. Can’t give enough examples on how his captaincy won games for the team..The fielding changes in the final – to move Raina to deep mid-wicked for Tiwary and then to move Haydos to a straight mid-off position for Pollard were brilliant, to point a few.

2) The franchise owner (India Cements) unlike all the other owners is the only owner in the league that has a real investment for the game of cricket. Tamil Nadu cricket scene has seen India Cements for almost 5 decades…and their dedication & commitment to the game cannot be termed in financial terms alone. So, I am glad such a franchise is getting the reward for believing in the game & the team out of true passion.

For now, Mr. Cool – MSD deserves a pat on his back. Not to miss out the newer stars from Chennai – Vijay, Ashwin, Badri…They all had a great tournament. Bollinger & Murali did their heroics and Raina has turned out to be a match winner! Well done, men in yellow..!