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Jai Ho – The Journey Home

I didn’t think that this tour was going to be this grand and this big. But as I follow the preparations for the tour, I feel that this is really a “first” for an Indian artist. I mean – it is really big. Not because the director has worked with Madonna or Britney Spears, etc. but because of the fact that there is generally a wide gap between an Indian produced show and an American produced show, from a production value standpoint – Right from creating a seamless flow from one number to another with no interruptions except planned ones to flawless performances to zero technical glitches. Without getting into the details of political incorrectness, let me just say, there is really a huge difference.

AR Rahman kicks off his Jai Ho tour tomorrow in New York City at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island. He did his first ever US concert 10 years back in 2000 at the same venue and being a crazy fan, I drove 12 hours to be there just for that evening and drove back home the next day. Things have changed now..although I wish I can be there for the first show of this tour, I have to compromise because Detroit is a stop over in his itinerary. I can’t wait for the 19th to watch the show at Pontiac Silverdome.

Good luck to AR and his crew for a successful journey!

Here are a few promo videos:

Main promo

Very cool one

And of course the most innovative promo