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Amma Thalle

Even while my confusing playlist which constantly finds it difficult to play 1 out of the 13 songs out of the 2 albums released with AR Rahman’s name in them in the last 3 weeks, I decided to pause for a moment and blog about this song called Amma Thalle from Komaram Puli. Knowing SJ Suryah’s penchant for tickling the sensual bones and nerves of his audience, I can only imagine how this will be picturized. Because of the general nature of our movie going audience who tend to pan songs as failures or hail songs as hits, based mostly on visuals and words (point being the actual music/melody/complexity rarely come into consideration), I will not be surprised if this song becomes a failure or hit (amongst certain kinds of fans) in no time after the movie releases.

For now, I have the luxury of writing about this song without any such prejudice or bias as the movie is not released yet.

Not so hardcore AR fans would have found a striking similarity between how Swetha starts off “sootiga” and how Harini starts off “Theekuruvi” (from KKS). But even for them, the similarity ends right there as they soon realize the similarity is only on the way a whole multiple word sequence is strung together that is difficult to comprehend at the first listen..and how the singer sings it so fast. Even for a Telugu learner like me, I can easily compare Theekuruvi with Amma Thalle and come to the conclusion that Amma Thalle is several notches below Theekuruvi in terms of ‘literal value’, thus giving enough opportunities to Suryah to let his front bench audience pleasing mode come into action.

This is one song that was pleasing at the first listen to me but on the next few hearings, I thought Rahman was sort of struck to his Telugu music days of 80s when music director Koti was at his peak…but as I continued to listen to this song more and more (at least once a day since July 12), I now come to the conclusion this is a song filled with instances of creative genius and yet put together in a commercially pleasing manner just like the director would have wanted. yes, the hangover of 80s if present may have been purely coincidental but how much has it been color to sound 21st century-ish for Pawan Kalyan fans. Notwithstanding the commercial aspects of the song such as a groovy rhythm and all that, the song has several master strokes only Rahman could have come up with so effortlessly.

* The brass like sounds that pop up along with the intro * The transition from the heavily exotic female intro to a hardcore Pawan Kalyan friendly male intro at 00:40 * Classical medley along with the same brass kind of sounds starting at 01:05 * Wherever the bass lines appear * Again the male voice blending at 01:50 * 02:40 onwards — No words to explain the abruptness and unexpected turn the song takes..and of course it ends with a crazy rendering of”Jabili Bomma”

Just because I dedicated a post on this song doesn’t mean I consider this song a classic or the best Rahman has done in recent times or anything. It only reflects that I had time to vent out what I thought about this song…now.

Here is the song for those who haven’t listened to it yet.″