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Floods and Diplomacy

Confession: – Yes. I have been slow in reacting and even now I am not entirely convinced that my reaction is 100% natural.

Context:Pakistan floods and the magnitude of its destruction. The humanitarian impact..

Reason: Still analyzing it. Possible inability to comprehend the general dangers of Flood as a natural disaster compared to Earth Quakes and Tsunamis..(which can cause instantaneous destruction both in terms of human lives and properties) and of course a natural aversion to the Pakistani government and an absolute hatred for what the Pakistani governments over the years have done in terms of pushing the country to be the incubator of religious fanaticism & terrorism and of late a victim of the same too, to some extent.

As I read  more and more about this disaster and how slowly the floods have managed to inundate 1/3rd of the country, what should have really stayed in my mind from day 1 are the images of a 10 year old and a 70 year old, wading through waist deep waters to get their only meal for the day, albeit soiled, being delivered by an army helicopter…Instead it has taken me more than 10 days to react. 10 days for the humanitarian side of this disaster to pinch me. So what if I don’t agree with the political manifestation of the evil ideologies that the Pakistani leaders have worked so hard in 63 years to propagate?

Because, what really should move the world community at the end of the day is the suffering of millions and millions of common men who have been displaced & what they go through every day to get some assurance for their sustenance. Yet, the world community has been very slow in reacting. Possibly for the same reasons as listed as above by me. I do not know.

Better late than never. Let me drop my first quarter. Now.

Meanwhile, Bopanna and Qureshi have built an unusual partnership – What started off as a normal Tennis Doubles partnership could now turn into a diplomatic one soon. I believe in what they try to do. But we need from Bopannas from India and many many more Qureshis from Pakistan to bring some sanity to the relationship between India and Pakistan. A relationship that can go beyond politics and religion. Guess, I can dream.