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On Anthems, Theme songs and such things…

The enormity of tragedy that this CWG anthem has turned out to be, or to be specific has been made out to be, especially if you have been reading or watching certain media outlets of late, makes one do some kind of self introspection. I don’t mean the superfluous & the self-indulgent kind of introspection – The kind which makes one superimpose their present with the past with a what if scenario of a future state and arrive at a pathetic conclusion which is supposed to make one miserable. The kind I am referring to is a little easier on the palettes but harder on the tracts. And also the ‘one’ I am referring to here is the super patriotic Indian citizen who rises to the occasion when it is most needed. Take this incident for instance. CWG is after all one of the most prestigious sporting events and every true Indian should rightfully be looking forward to the anthem associated with such a prestigious event with bated breath, unblinking eye and most importantly with some really scathing & hurtful musical crtiquing sense.

So when the anthem was finally released a few days ago, I was surprised to notice that except  for a handful of media outlets, which carried the really strong views of some of these patriotic Indians, I was puzzled and disturbed heavily by the non-reaction of bulk of the Indian media, very importantly the ones from South India and also by the indifference shown by most of the usual music critics who normally pounce on any new music release like starving vultures. And believe you me, although those handful media outlets went all out as part of their campaign in painting a grim picture of the anthem and how much of an international disgrace this means to India..literally by even including certain really irrelevant & unrelated-to-CWG anthem programs , like “How much do you hate the music director who composed this?”, “What are the top 10 things you dislike in the man who through many unspoken acts has brought more laurels to India than any political leaders of the country in the last 5 decades?”, etc., it wasn’t enough proof to me why the reaction overall has been so inconsistent.

Which brings me to the original intent of this post – Self Introspection!

My introspection starts with the thought that I get goose bumps (ok..that was added to bring some dramatic effect) when I notice that some of these patriotic Indians have what it takes to bring out their hatred on one man at the right moment. You know..the exact right moment..The moment of course being – a year after the man being judged reached the perceived pinnacle of his movie music career and a month after the whole CWG financial scandal broke out. The moment has exposed many true hearts and minds. Those who showed their hatred by vilifying the musician at a personal level, are the real patriots, as they claim and as these outlets want us to know, because they know exactly what it means to have an anthem. Because they know what an anthem signifies and how a certain sound, a certain style could not & should not be an anthem, while a vague Latino samba style interspersed with heavy tones from African folk ringing Cameroonian military chorus would be just apt for a prestigious International event that India hosts. Because they are the best judges of music – especially of the anthem kinds & the theme song kinds.

I wonder since when Indians have become this patriotic on all the things that don’t particularly seem fair and square and why it takes an anthem to bring out what people really feel about a humble man who has redefined patriotism in a very unconventional but in a very powerful way, much more than most of of the 1.2 billion population could.

And I continue to introspect with another thought “All my life I have had a choice of love and hate…I have chosen love and here I am..”!

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Note: The above is a satire and is not meant to offend anyone.