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Ignorance is not bliss

…especially when it comes to smear campaigns by  wing nuts on health care reforms and hundred other initiatives that the Obama government has undertaken since assuming office. It is quite unfortunate that Obama’s honest attempt to take a middle ground in all issues has left with him with less supporters on the left, which I thought was his passionate political base for his 2008 elections. Anyway, he still has 2 years to decide if he wants to continue to take the middle ground and get smeared by the Right wingers anyways..or choose a more radical (radical for American presidents as they all tend to be extremely conservative in their policies no matter where they stand on issues at a personal level).

This video puts things in perspective in case you have no clue what the new reform is all about – Honestly, I learned quite a bit from this video as like most of you, even I haven’t had a chance to read 1000s of pages of this bill.

And clearly this video is as objective as it can be – doesn’t take any political stand.