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I think the world needs a new Super Hero. Nothing like anyone has ever seen before. Why? Because we are tired of all the fictitious heroic stuff that the current available crop of super heroes are doing. Moreover, we seem to have very little control over what sort of adventures they should get involved with – as they seem to be determined by authors who always end up creating a new kind of irrelevantly enormous super villain with body deformities to fight  a super hero – both of who end up sorting out absolutely nonsensical issues like missing files or hacked disks or something like that. You know what I am talking about.

At least this was the thought process that went behind creating ABO Man – The sonny boy and I brainstormed the idea one night. He actually created the first cut of how ABO Man would look like, on paper with crayons. I reproduced it on my computer using paint. Thoroughly enjoyed the process. Now I don’t know how much the son is fascinated about it but I am sort of interested in extending this idea into a real series.

So Who is ABO Man? Please stay tuned….For now, here is a sneak peek.

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It is not so much of me spending more time in my studio these days as of me spending more quality time with a more complete creative mind in my studio these days. Which should explain why I am already sharing one more composition here.

The piece is called “Release” – I contemplated if I should call it “Own your release”. This was one of those compositions where I had a concept from start to end and worked for it unlike most of my other work.

I will update my other blog one of these days with the concept of this song. For now the one liner is that this is a 4 minute theme underscoring a person’s struggle and how he tries to release himself to do what he wants to do eventually overcoming that struggle.

Hope you like this.″
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Frosty Bite

There is nip in the air. There is zip in the hair..

There is chill on the heel..Thus my musical feel!

Well. Really don’t know if this accomplishes what I wanted to. But with the seasonal change, I felt instead of going gloomy about the cold weather, how about bringing a spring like exuberance to the mood that represents a ‘frosty’ season. Hence the title.″

More on the making of “Frosty Bite”can be found here.