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Collective thoughts..

This one is going to be one random post. Sort of like a talk show monologue but without a theme..

* Books – Finished reading all 3 books from Steig Larsson’s trilogy. Wow! is one small word to describe the set. After reading all the books, one has to wonder, what kind of books he would have written had he still been alive? What kind of a coincidence is it to die after delivering the final transcripts of the three books together to the publishing house (and before the books were published)? Larsson sure has a tremendous knowledge of the Swedish legal system and has a clear understanding of the political history. I haven’t read much about his personal biography, but based on the kind of work he did and based on the issues he so passionately dealt with in these books, you could sort of form an opinion on his persona. Also, I couldn’t but get reminded of Assange (for no real reason except the fact that these characters were fighting within the legal system). Truly, a great read and for me, was educative too.

* Movies – Quite a few. Where do I start? Manmadhan Ambu was an entertainer all the way with shades of Kamal’s brilliance in screenplay and writing. Unfortunately, Kamal is at a point in his career where if he does a Hey Ram to suit his intellectual sensibilities, he is going to end up with a commercial dud or if he does a MMA as a mild rom-com-fam-drama spliced with his occasional sparks of intelligence, then people reject it because they don’t get too much masala. So he has to do a Dasavatharam if he has to make his producers happy while feeding the intellect in him. Unfortunately, he can’t do a Dasavatharam every year. He is probably comfortable writing a Virumaandi every year, but he can’t find a producer to support him. So he is always going to be in search for the right balance. Meantime, I will continue to enjoy Kamal the intellect in any form I can get.

Here is a recent interview – mostly in English..Just look at the ease with which he talks not just about the main topic of the day but about anything under the sun. Yes. he could be opinionated on certain things. That may be a trait of  a knowledge seeker in a contradictory sort of way, but he is objective too.

Now I watched a movie called “Get Low” – without any expectations. It is a story about a lonely old man planning for his own funeral. Pretty interesting till the climax which I thought was a let down.

* Music – Probably plenty to write about. But what comes to my mind right now is Mynaa. Who would have thought that D Imman can produce a classic? This album is a keep sake in my library. And the customary AR Rahman reference in the form of 127 Hours. Bought the album. Haven’t listened to the tracks on my real 5.1 system yet. But have listened to all the tracks dozens of times. Acid Darbari..ha..ha. Only AR! Glad he got 2 nominations at the Academy. Good luck!


Besides fantasizing about being a Peter Gibbons at least for a couple of days at my work, I think I have a long way to go to realize some of the other fantasies. But like any ambitious man out there, I will get there! Note: All views expressed in this blog are mine alone and have got nothing to do with my company Cogent IBS, Inc., its employees or any of its affiliates.

4 thoughts on “Collective thoughts..

  1. Well about ARR’s 127 hours… Nice melodies and a decent background score – This BGM raises above many of the Hollywood movies right away… At the time of writing 127 hours was just nominated – Glad to note that (now) it came close to winning the GOLDEN globe and was very happy to see ARR performing at the OSCARs.. Although it was too short… Loved the score – ‘If I rise’ – Did not think the lyrics had too much oomph in them – May be I am biased coming from a Lyrics heavy (“Uvamai – Uvameyam etc etc niraintha) Tamizh pattu lyrics background… Defnly Kudos to our Indian / Tamil Kavignars – They are in a different plane – well these are just my perception…

    1. Agree Muthu as far as Tamil literature goes. Among Indian languages, it is widely acknowledged that the poetic liberty in Tamil is the best. Hindi, Telugu, etc. do have lot of sensibilities and potential as languages. But I think (I am not being biased at all) Tamil may have a slight upper hand when it comes to Poetic license.:) This is why good Tamil songs when dubbed into other languages give many a headache to lyricists/poets. Having said that, it is unfair to compare art work across languages as each language has its own beauty which is unique.

      1. Agreed about the uniqueness of each language…. Also in total agreement with tamil’s poetic license… Definitely a cut above the rest – Heard few stories myself when Tamil lyricists do an exemplary work even in case of remade/dubbed songs – the same might not be true as a reverse scenario..

        At the same time Thanks to my XM radio I listen to some Telegu music (occasionally) and many new numbers sound pretty decent… (unlike the older telegu songs which used to stereotypical to me at least) – Inidhu Inidhu ‘s director was impressive looks like there are a few Meyers in HYD these days… Good for Indian music – Also heartening to learn that even he was inspired by ARR…

        – Muthu

    2. Thanks for the kind words, and I hope you stick around. I know what you mean about the Rajinikanth arcltie being a little confusing with talking about the separate Tamil industry and then jumping to talking about the Indian industry, but it’s hard to describe the Indian film industries to an audience of new readers without oversimplifying. I wanted to get across the point that Tamil cinema works on smaller budgets than Hindi cinema without making too much of a big deal about the two massive anomalies Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan who command huge budgets but work mostly in the Tamil industry. And I know it’s impossible to sum up an entire film industry in one sentence but my impression of Tamil (and also Telugu) cinema is that they’ve been regarded as talent farms for Bollywood with some of the best cinematographers and technicians going on to work in the Hindi industry A.R. Rahman got his start in the Tamil industry, as did Santosh Sivan and K.V. Anand. And of course there’s Tamil director Mani Ratnam. And I guess I always think of Tamil cinema as making really well-regarded crime films, like VETTAIYAADU VELAIYAADU, RAMANA, NAYAGAN and BILLA. And, much to my embarrassment, in my memory I was including Ram Gopal Varma’s SHIVA (one of the best-looking crime films to come out of Southern India) as a Tamil film, rather than a Telugu film. Whoops.

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