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The world in which you exist (Nuvvu vunna prapancham)

This poem was written in Telugu by a friend of mine (Srini Thonta). The theme of this poem is Love. Srini is the kind of guy, who could make up great poetic couplets in Telugu on the spur of the moment. Such is his grip of the language and such is his imagination…Wish he could write more often. When multiple friends who couldn’t read Telugu requested him to do a translation, he asked me if I would be interested in helping out and sent me a loose translation of the words used in the poem. Then I sat together with my wife and tried my best to understand the nuances of the poem in Telugu and surprisingly, I could make out the meaning of about 90% of the words without any help. There were a few words that I needed help with. Since I used to write poems in Thamizh, I could relate to & understand the poetic imagination that comes with the territory. Also the similarities between Thamizh and Telugu poems are quite high in terms of the planes of imagination & similes used. So here I go presenting the original Telugu version first (written by Srini Thonta).

Nuvvu vunna prapancham – By Srini Thonta

And here is my attempt to translate it into English and give it a poetic feel, without damaging the essence of Srini’s imagination as much as possible.

The world in which you exist

Beyond the stretches of time – Love yearns for all dreams to be fulfilled.

The winds of love blow everywhere; The whispers of hearts are heard everywhere.

Even silence carries many shades of meanings with it – As quiescent hearts from centuries ago become visible.

The entire nature symbolizes a garden of flowers; And each flower presents itself as a red rose.

Birds of Imagination fly in the sky – As they explore the paths towards the confluence of love.

With each dawn, the waking hearts of them, the lovers; Long to seek their amorous calling.

Fluttering hearts occlude their vision in an ecstasy of love – In dreams they hope, those moments could be relived.

Dreamy eyes, they labor assiduously now; For they hanker to build the “Kingdoms of Dreams!”

You may read a few of my other English poems in this blog by clicking on this link, while I still wait for the day when I can surprise myself, by publishing my collection (most of which are not on this blog yet).

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A milestone

An Egyptian protester sheds some tears of joy
An Egyptian protester sheds some tears of joy - Photo Courtesy: By John Moore/Getty Images.

You are gone.

When thousands of peaceful protesters call you an evil Dictator who exploited the country for 30 years to build your own wealth and when the history of how you gradually let corruption spread through all levels of your government starts becoming everyday coffee table news for families around the globe, then you should really be afraid of your life, when you start seeing images of Tahrir square being superimposed with Tiananmen square . No matter, even if the country in question is Egypt and you happen to be Hosni Mubarak.

The writing becomes more and more imminently clear on the wall. Listen, 18 days of world media coverage, 1 Google martyr executive, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck starting to talk about Egyptian politics and what is good for your country – you know how bad a combination all of the above is? But you just couldn’t read the sign on the wall and couldn’t comprehend the reality of the situation. Could you? May be because you are 82. Even when the whole world waited with bated breath on Feb 10 expecting you to step down, you appeared on National TV, not an oz. of your ego deflated, spoke with the same control you have always had and did what? You patronized the protesters and tried to give them some patriotic lesson, thus giving a long winded speech with no end, pretty much saying everything that the protesters didn’t want to hear from you and the world was hoping not to witness live on satellite TV. What were you thinking? The conspiracy theorists formulated many theories including a theory claiming that your speech was actually a bait – a bait for the protesters. The theory claims that with that speech on Feb 10, You were actually hoping to cause chaos and bloodshed , which you could use to turn the whole world against the protesters, giving you a freehand in launching a wide massacre…eventually leaving you, your power and your money in tact.

Not even 24 hours. Not enough time for 1000 conspiracy theories to come out and to get dissected.

And then, today, they say you quit. Your VP says say you are gone. Even my son asked me if you stepped down. And I even heard someone from your military say that you have gone to get a tan. Really?

That I am sure is the first of its kind “mankind milestone” for Egyptians and also for us, the modern day world citizens.

As a side note, unfortunately, the Obama administration is not going to get as much credit as it deserves for handling the Egyptian situation. The conservative politicians in America will look for reasons to link Hussein (middle name of the President) with the Muslim brotherhood and fabricate stories to scare the dirty matter out of mostly single track and simple minded Americans. Of course, Fox News will chip in and add fuel to this dangerous fire. The Obama administration just has to hope that there is some new news that takes over the Egyptian crisis soon. Preferably some “new good news”…

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Where it all started, it starts again..

Why is the now-termed revolution in Egypt significant – significant perhaps more than what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan? And what does this mean to all of us?
Here are some sketchy notes based on my minimalistic understanding of the current situation and of the history.


  • Egypt was where it all began. The Human civilization. If you look at the timeline of human civilization, you will see what Egypt had contributed to human civilization was significant. Even though the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations could be dated back to almost the same timeline, most historians give credit to Egyptians for the first established social set up that brought the word ‘civil’ to mankind.
  • So I see the current situation to be highly significant in the modern era. A revolution that has been triggered mainly by internet and certain other elements of modern modes of communication. Yes. In many ways, the incident in Tunisia and the aftermath there could have provided some spark for the youth of Egypt. But this would have happened even without Tunisia – if not now, may be a few months later.
  • Egypt is a larger country compared to Tunisia – Almost 7 times larger in terms of size and population. Also Egypt is geographically diverse. Culturally, the country may not be as diverse as India, but still diverse enough to make the demographics complicated. For example, while the whole of Cairo seems like it is in the middle of a battle zone, Sharm-El-Sheikh continues to provide the much sought after tropical tranquility to all its western tourists. So a country of that kind of diversity needs to have some common burning reasons – really burning ones that affect all people, to even push them to streets. Leave alone, to be persistent with the protesting mood.
  • Egypt has been the only neighbor of Israel in the last 2-3 decades that has remained conflict free with Israel. Now that factor by itself, is significant in terms of the volatility & stability of the region.


  • Because America has pretty much poked its nose in every corner of the world in the last 100 years or so, you can’t help but drag America into every issue that arises. And almost in every instance, you will find out that the problem that America is trying to resolve is actually a problem that either America caused in the first place when you trace its origins or America had an indirect role to play in the root cause of the problem somehow. This is a proven fact and it is also recorded in history.
  • By the same token, unfortunately much to the unpleasantness of the current administration, they cannot stay away from this Egypt issue even though none of the current administration’s policy makers had anything to do with drafting a policy in the past which made them hold hands with Mubarak for a long time, although at a cost.
  • So, no matter what President  Obama does, it will not satisfy all people. Under the circumstances and given the history of US-Egpy relationship and also given the volatility of the region with Egypt a major player in keeping border passions under control, I think, the administration has taken cautious steps in the right direction so far. Fortunately, even though the protesters may claim that Obama didn’t act soon enough, I feel there was no damage done if you look at the broader picture as the main objective of the protest has been achieved. Now the issue is really around WHEN. Mubarak has been brought to his knees (well figuratively) and he has openly confessed to some of his misgivings in public. But it was still much less than what the passionate protesters want (who sometimes tend to be blinded by passion over pragmatism).
  • If Obama decides to satisfy the protesters immediately and acts with nothing else is in his agenda – Assume for a moment he forces Mubarak to step down today. Has anyone thought of what could happen to a diverse country like Egypt? The country will see massive clashes – And many lives will be lost. There will be chaos all over. Bringing order and conducting proper polls will become an impossible task then. It could mark the beginning of the end of a country that holds significance in the region for many reasons.
  • Having said that, there is really no choice for Mubarak but to go. Right now. Not wait till September. With the way things have turned out yesterday and today, now there is some sense of urgency that has to creep in. Because the security forces are beginning to carry out Mubarak blessed oppression in civilian clothes. This shows Mubarak still has his head above his mind. It is time for America to put an end to that ego and bring him crashing to earth. But how can they do that without triggering a countrywide looting, killing and pandemonium?
  • What does it mean to the rest of the world? Probably not a whole lot if you are not from Pakistan, Algeria, Afghanistan, Jordan, Sudan and some countries whose profiles are similar. The world has changed so much that even Sarah Palin can spell Egypt properly thanks to Facebook and Twitter. So everyone is watching. Some vicariously. Some voyeuristically. Some with genuine concerns and Some with humanity.

There is no quick ending to what is going on there in Egypt. It will take time. Persistent protesters will eventually prevail. Now, the big question is if they can maintain the same decorum they have maintained till now, to bring some dignity to the country’s politics in future.

In a post Mubarak era, Can Egypt once again show the world how to bring the word “civil” to mankind, specially in that region and pave way for restarting a new civilization – A Civilization that is powered by  internet & people, for the people and of the people – A civilization that  gives no room to corrupt & power hungry politicians to get away with their whims forever?