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The world in which you exist (Nuvvu vunna prapancham)

This poem was written in Telugu by a friend of mine (Srini Thonta). The theme of this poem is Love. Srini is the kind of guy, who could make up great poetic couplets in Telugu on the spur of the moment. Such is his grip of the language and such is his imagination…Wish he could write more often. When multiple friends who couldn’t read Telugu requested him to do a translation, he asked me if I would be interested in helping out and sent me a loose translation of the words used in the poem. Then I sat together with my wife and tried my best to understand the nuances of the poem in Telugu and surprisingly, I could make out the meaning of about 90% of the words without any help. There were a few words that I needed help with. Since I used to write poems in Thamizh, I could relate to & understand the poetic imagination that comes with the territory. Also the similarities between Thamizh and Telugu poems are quite high in terms of the planes of imagination & similes used. So here I go presenting the original Telugu version first (written by Srini Thonta).

Nuvvu vunna prapancham – By Srini Thonta

And here is my attempt to translate it into English and give it a poetic feel, without damaging the essence of Srini’s imagination as much as possible.

The world in which you exist

Beyond the stretches of time – Love yearns for all dreams to be fulfilled.

The winds of love blow everywhere; The whispers of hearts are heard everywhere.

Even silence carries many shades of meanings with it – As quiescent hearts from centuries ago become visible.

The entire nature symbolizes a garden of flowers; And each flower presents itself as a red rose.

Birds of Imagination fly in the sky – As they explore the paths towards the confluence of love.

With each dawn, the waking hearts of them, the lovers; Long to seek their amorous calling.

Fluttering hearts occlude their vision in an ecstasy of love – In dreams they hope, those moments could be relived.

Dreamy eyes, they labor assiduously now; For they hanker to build the “Kingdoms of Dreams!”

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