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An addictive war…(The story of a city)

An addictive war…(The story of a city)

Cadets and Commandos, descended on the barren land –

Cartridges and Cannonballs, detailed for the enemy territory.

Armed men and Alluringly armed women, deemed to win –

Artilleries loaded, seldom demure of their potential reach.

They strode in their tanks – Blink less as only bulbs could be,

They turn right and then left, just like they should be.

All the way to New York, where it branches off to Luxor and Venice,

All the soldiers now in an endless path, taking them to Caesar’s palace.

Through the gates of Lion’s Den, Through the doors of 54th Studio,

They spot their enemies around the tables with coins stacked like a volcano.

The soldiers take their positions as the clinging noises of their ammunition echo,

They now are ready to roll the die and win some dough at the MGM Grand Casino.