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I will give some benefit of doubt to the guy who came up with the idea. May be he really wanted to mix some good message related to road safety along with his usual frantic call to the fellow citizens of his town. Now if this whole honking thing itself is as ‘unevolved’ an idea as Donald Trump pointing out that Robert De Niro is not necessarily an Einstein, then the way the Church Billboard guy phrased it, it sure makes Texting while driving a sure shot method to get to God quickly. This is from a church in Alabama.

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While I was ready to publish this post, I had a crazy idea to do some research on my new found ‘theme’. So the first think I did was to go to Google. Then my first step brought me this…

I actually found this church through Google..

Then more…

Medium or Rare? Well done Please.
What? Is the suggestion then to kiss a Boy in order to go to heaven?

Yes. Free Coffee sounds like a great deal.
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This one is actually brilliant!
How many days of free trial period do I have?

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