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The wolfpack

Phil wakes up..He is severely hungover. It takes him a few seconds to actually figure out that he has no idea where he is.

Alan wakes up. Also with a hangover. Runs into a strange animal inside the room/house they were sleeping till at that moment. Stu wakes up and he soon realizes that something on his face has been compromised. And..then they all accept the fact that they are hungover and don’t remember a thing from the previous night. They set out to figure out what exactly happened.

They try to recreate previous night’s happenings through a series of clues they obtain on their own or through others who they meet.

Wait! They are missing one of their companions. He must be kidnapped. Right? Sure.

Bring on that crazy Asian guy. Mr. Chow. Yes, he is weird. But he can make you laugh with his antics. He does just that. Of course, he gets chased by his own set of enemies while Phil, Alan and Stu try to rescue their kidnapped companion. Alan continues to charm himself while annoy others with his extreme sense of self self-righteousness, which doesn’t impress the rest one bit. Not one bit.

All this, while Stu quite shamefully is running late for his own wedding and as Stu’s fiancee, Phil’s wife and Doug’s wife angrily wait for their guys in a hotel.

If this plot reminds of you of “The Hangover”, don’t worry – this is exactly the same plot for “The Hangover II” as well. Just that the plot unfolds in Thailand versus Las Vegas, as it did in the former.

But if you are like me, a fan of the original, then I am sure you will be able to go home satisfied. The original (Part I) pretty much created a new genre of comedy movies for the decade. Which makes the job of Part II all the more difficult. If it doesn’t fit into the same genre, then most fans could trash it. If it doesn’t follow a similar plot, then the director runs the risk of resetting his fans’ expectations. So, I am pretty convinced that Todd Philips took the most logical route and delivered, what I thought was a worthy sequel to the original.

Certainly, the original would be ranked higher than the sequel by most fans of the franchise. But that doesn’t take away any credit Part II truly deserves.

“I wish monkeys could skype….May be, one day”!  – Zach Galifianakis, as Alan, utters the funniest line of the movie..

The Hangover II
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Kahn’t he be Bak?

Yes. He Kahn. That’s what everyone thought. Everyone thought he Kahn get away with this easily. But looks like so many madams are coming out with maid up stories now, that it makes it absolutely impossible for the man who once thought he Kahn save the world with his economic development aids, now Kahn’t even save himself from getting ‘AIDS’.

This “Stos” Kahn guy is an epitome of hypocrisy. I don’t care if he is a Socialist. The moment his colors are faded, he looks like every other hypocritical, horny old rich guy. Firstly, his $3000/night suite that will get questioned. Then his attempt to get on a maid forcefully. I Kahn overlook his conscientious and libelous affairs because they are conscientious and I am not even going the moral road. If his wife Kahn, for whatever reason support and stand by him, it is none of our business to judge him morally. But this episode was a different matter altogether. One thing that certainly gives me some relief is the fact that a poor immigrant manhattan maid Kahn bring down a future President and Kahn hope to be served fair justice in this country. No matter what I feel about certain other policies of the land, this simple fact that justice is available for all makes me happy.

While staying with the maid theme, what’s up with the Governator? He sure Kahn be Bak. Right? And in what a shameful way! Another disgraceful end to a powerful man. Was he so self-indulgent that he failed to look through the situation and lived with the knowledge that your son is right there but you couldn’t do squat for 10+ years to publicly embrace him? And above all, to not share the situation with your wife when she stood by you during your difficult times?

Sure, he is Bak. Ha. Well.

While this blog post is published, Kahn gets a bail to move into an apartment even though he is indicted by a jury. While in other news, Kanimozhi doesn’t get a bail. The latter may have more to do with politics than any real justice. The fact is that if Kanimozhi deserved to go to jail, then there are so many other people that need to be sent in too. For those of you who want to argue that at least sending one crook in is better than nothing, I just say, if you really think this is going to change things, I am sorry, I don’t share the same optimism.

Kahn gets bail while Kani goes to Jail.

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Perilous Questions

Was it 1 after midnight or 2:43? Were they 6 or 23? 

Was it his wife or a domestic help? Was he a courier who tried to yelp?

Is it a villa or a mansion? Is there a satellite dish or a television?

Is that a fictitious city or a real one? Is there a military training academy to train how it’s done?

Did they eat turkey wraps and cold shrimp? Did they watch one of the choppers crash and limp?

Did they get their coffee and soda to keep awake all night? Did they know if what they were doing was wrong or right?

Did he use marijuana to get high? Did he pray seven times to the sky?

Did he have cash stitched to his shirt? Did he think he could get away unhurt?

Was there a choice not to take him down? Was there a choice to hug him over his frown?

Was it revenge or was it hatred? Was there a need to bring closure to this ugly bloodshed?

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Royal this, Royal that and a Royal app.

“You look your best..”, says the Dude. “What ‘s that scaffolding like stuff behind you?”.

“Oh..that’s Pippa”, responds the not so shy lass..”But, is my best good enough for your Grandma?”.

“I wouldn’t know. Would I? But she is at her blithely best right now. Just look at her!”..A mild pause. “I know Pippa. But what is she holding?”.

“Of course, I know she is stiff lipped and doesn’t slip. Rather annoying at times. I won’t learn to get used to her..”. Shrugs her shoulder. “That’s the Train.. My dear Arthur!”.

“Please not that name. Not in front of Elton John”, wipes a wry smile off his face. “Hope it isn’t going to be Rocket Man today. You look beautiful by the way”.

“Awww” blushes. “Did you have a haircut after the rehearsals?”

“I did”, blushes. “Why do you need the Train ?”

“I don’t. But I am supposed to need the train. Haven’t figured out why.” Takes a deep breath. “It is almost like your jacket. I can’t seem to find any useful embellishments there although there are plenty of them..”

“I..err..there is a reason for that you know”, whispers. “History and Tradition”.

“Can you stay quiet for 30 minutes? The Priest is ready”, whispers in a hurry.. “He is going to ask us to do the vows”.

“Who?” “What?”

“The vows”..through the corner of the eye..”Wedding vows”.

“Oh..!”, looking directly at the priest..”Do I have time to prepare my vows now and all I need is 5 minutes. I will give them to you”.

“Use my iPad. There is an app for Royal vows..You can punch in your inputs real quick and you can have your vows ready in under a minute”, says the Priest with a naughty smile. “By the way, I have a weakness for Hats. So, please make it fast”.


And a few minutes later, the Dude and the Dudette or to be precise, the Duke and the Duchess were announced man & wife officially.

Royal this, Royal that and a Royal app