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180 in 180 words

To say that 180 has stunning visuals is simply understating the effort of Balasubramaniem. To say that Sharreth couldn’t have scored better music is apt. To say that Karky has brought out joy, love, sorrow, pain, and philosophy that are needed for this narration through his penmanship feels right. To say that Siddharth played his role beyond perfection is mandatory. To say that the two leading ladies Nithya and Priya complemented Siddharth is stating the obvious. Beyond all this, I’m not sure how I should go about discussing the choice of story, given the person at helm is Jayendra. Too many cliches, cleverly camouflaged by all of the above. Why another story with cancer? Why another love story with one person dying? Why another story where the guy lets two girls in the lurch only to let the audience imagine his fate at the end? Why? I say why? To say that the usage of African death metaphor is subtle racism is important, especially coming from the Jayendra factory.

Yet, 180 is worth a watch because Tamil industry needs Siddharth.