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Festive contrasts

I always find it amusing when Indians across different states and regions have found ways over the years to call the same festival by different names, yet celebrating them with similar pomp and splendor. Even more amusing is the fact that when these festivals are spelled in English, there are umpteen variations, which for some inexplicable reasons, the language pundits have conveniently ignored – till now.

So, no matter how you spell it as long as you have a way to spell it and no matter how you celebrate it, as long as you have a way to celebrate it, I wish you a Happy Deepavali/Happy Diwali, etc.

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A bit of a stretch

It was 2001 when a 55 year old co-worker then, sowed the first seeds of running long distances in my mind. He was a regular Marathon runner back then. My inspiration at that time, he, when I got to know him, had already run 4 or 5 marathons. During the one year I shared my office space with him, I can’t recall a single day, where he didn’t get to work at 7:30 AM without having gone out for a 5 mile run in the morning. Never during the next few months did I believe that I could run a marathon although I did fancy running more than 5 miles at a stretch. Once I moved out of that work place, I never got to work with someone who was so passionate about running with so much consistency and hence my fancy remained – well just fancy.
10 years later – after I picked up running a little more seriously towards the end of this past winter season in 2010-11, I suddenly felt an urge to run a half marathon, thanks largely to some friends on Facebook.
Then in August, I decided I would start training for the Detroit Half Marathon (scheduled for Oct 16, 2011) seriously. But since I never ran more than 3 miles at a stretch, I did not register for the event till the middle of September. As my fortunes would have it, by the time I decided to register they were sold out.

May be that was an ego blow. So in exactly 3 weeks time – without much training, I decided to run the Concord, MI marathon on Oct 9. I was running 3 miles, then 5, then 7, then 10 and then 11 as part of training, before finally running the 13.1 mile stretch on the event day for the first time. My timing was 2 hours 28 minutes.

The satisfaction I got right as I crossed the finish line couldn’t be expressed.
Looking back, I got to say that the Concord marathon was a better choice for me. About 10 miles in the 13.1 mile stretch was on a nature trail and I don’t think running on the Detroit streets would actually have been any better or easier.  A bit a stretch that would have been manageable nevertheless.

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What started off as joke among my family members has now resulted in this fun song. I started imagining how all of us would react if a family member decides to contest in an election. That led to me creating a funny campaign poster. So the next logical thing to do is to have a campaign song right?

As you can guess the party symbol is “Maampazham” or Mango.

Here you go:″

And don’t forget to read the Salsa – Sambar notes here.

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So long Steve…

Steve Jobs

Rarely does one man’s vision pave way for a generation of innovators.

Rarely does one man’s innovation influence a generation of mankind to adapt its lifestyle based on his products.

Rarely does that man’s passing away make such an impact on an ordinary person.

Steve, In my lifetime so far, you are the only one man who I consider belonged to that rare group….

As I type this little obituary on my Macbook Pro, with my iPhone and iPad within an arm’s reach..every keystroke that goes into this post is a tear I shed for you.

Cancer is cruel. But you were getting ready for the ultimate end. Weren’t you? Like every product you launched, like every Apple keynote announcement you made, I am guessing given the inevitable, you wanted your death too to embrace you exactly how & when you planned for it. Right?

I am sure you stayed hungry and foolish all your life.

So long black turtleneck! So long Steve!