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So long Steve…

Steve Jobs

Rarely does one man’s vision pave way for a generation of innovators.

Rarely does one man’s innovation influence a generation of mankind to adapt its lifestyle based on his products.

Rarely does that man’s passing away make such an impact on an ordinary person.

Steve, In my lifetime so far, you are the only one man who I consider belonged to that rare group….

As I type this little obituary on my Macbook Pro, with my iPhone and iPad within an arm’s reach..every keystroke that goes into this post is a tear I shed for you.

Cancer is cruel. But you were getting ready for the ultimate end. Weren’t you? Like every product you launched, like every Apple keynote announcement you made, I am guessing given the inevitable, you wanted your death too to embrace you exactly how & when you planned for it. Right?

I am sure you stayed hungry and foolish all your life.

So long black turtleneck! So long Steve!