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Dear “Constitution misinterpreter”..

Dear American Gun proponent aka “Constitution misinterpreter”,

Here is a suggestion..

Get more guns into the market. Hundreds. Thousands. No. May be Millions. At the rate of 5:1 (five for every human being living in the country).

Get rid off all the pretentious licensing restrictions that do nothing more than provide an opportunity for some minor delays in the acquisition of the guns.

Make it easy for everyone to buy guns. Like burgers and candies. All they need is money to buy guns. You can even sell them online and deliver them home. They are already being sold cheap. Make them cheaper. Throw some ammunitions in free.

And finally make the statement that you normally do – “Guns don’t kill people. Only people do”. Nobody has ever questioned whenever you make  a bold statement like that. Some day in future, there won’t be anyone alive to question you!

Oh, by the way, in case you didn’t know, 2 people were shot dead by a gunman at VA Tech (again) today…