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And the Oscar went…..

…clearly to a person who deserved it more than everyone else in that category. Right? No, as most would claim.

Guess that is the irony of any movie award show. Everyone knows that it is highly irrational to be objective about an art form because art in itself is so subjective. Yet, year after year, glitz after glamor, actor after actor, they clamor to the Kodak theater.

So they did last night too.

For weeks, I had been cajoling my whole family to go watch “The Hugo” in theaters with me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t convince them and now I am reduced to watching it in my home theater. Finally, I will have a good reason to put that 3D TV to use. I am not that disappointed that I didn’t get to watch ‘The Artist’ in theaters. I am sure I would enjoy it but then I wouldn’t probably think of it as Oscar worthy. Remember it is all subjective?

While at the topic, see a pattern here – An  Englishman (ok..King) who struggled with his speech won an Oscar last year and a French man who didn’t speak at all won it this year. Makes me wonder if it would be a German who doesn’t have a tongue who would win it next year!

By the way, Billy Crystal is the kind of Oscar host you could get for minimum guarantee. He is not going to ruin it for you. He is not going to create controversies for you. He is not going to Gervais it for you. So, what we got yesterday when compared to the previous year was definitely better. But would the academy ever dare inviting Ricky Gervais to host the show? Probably Never.

There were some refreshing changes last night in the format. The main one being around musical performances. With the academy struggling to find even 5 suitable nominees for the Original Song category, it was only expected that they do something different. I was pleasantly surprised to see AR Rahman having a part to play along with the legendary Zimmer.

Finally, Angelina’s leg stunt was overshadowed by how skeleton like she looked. And yes, the JLo – Diaz stunt was funny and worth it. But Cohen took it too far and he lost a few fans.