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There is no better illusion than believing that the whole “country has never been more divided than in the last 4 years”. I hear this rhetoric from both sides. The country has always been divided along political/ideological lines. But then, people always found ways to work around that division in a civilized manner…At least till 2008.

But unfortunately, It took someone like Obama to bring out the real hatred from one side of the political spectrum which till then was masking that hatred under a superficial layer of civility. It took someone like Obama to unite all those likeminded haters in the last 4 years to shed that mask and create what we now see as this emotionally charged climate across ideologies.

It is sad not because there are some people out there who feel that ‘the country has never been more divided’, but it is sad because that there is so much hatred still out there, possibly reminding us that progress and civility, after all, may actually have been an illusionary bubble we had chosen to live inside, till Obama became the President.  

To believe Romney or whoever else will be able to unite the country is simply an act of either fooling ourselves or blowing ourselves anther illusionary bubble to get into.