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Seven(teen)th time is a charm…

A teary eyed Murray nearly moved me. But only nearly. I felt for him. I felt for a nation that was waiting for this moment to regain its lost glory in a championship that belongs to it. Waiting for almost 80 years. Somehow with Olympics around the corner, I am sure it sounded right to many that Murray was crowned the champion. It sounded right to me too. Only for a moment or two. What also sounded right to me for more than a moment or two was the fact that this may be Roger’s last chance to kiss that trophy. All odds were and are stacked up against him.

A friend of mine hates Roger for his instinct to shed tears after winning and more so after losing. After seeing the way today’s game ended, I hope she disliked him a bit less. Not because he didn’t shed tears but because Murray gave him a run for his money when it comes to shedding tears.

7th time and this time he goes back to becoming world no.1. What a turnaround this is? I would have expected him to call it quits in 2011 after such a terrible 2010 and 2011. I thought he had lost the fire in him to win big points against big opponents. By beating Djokovic in the semis and today Murray in the final, he sort of convinced me that he could go on for some more time.

Another grand slam title? I would still bet against it. But hey, I bet against he winning his 17th till he beat Djokovic in this Wimbledon.

18 may not be a bad number to get to or for that matter 19 or even 20. If you ask me though, this seventh time at Wimbledon and the 17th time overall sure was a real charm!!

Wimbledon 2012
Roger Federer lending his shoulders to Andy Murray and lets him wipe his tears