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Keeping politics aside…

The predictability of the general theme of my blog posts shouldn’t be surprising for any regulars here. But since I know that there aren’t many regulars here, I have to sort of put it out there. During the American election season, my primary venting revolves around the left and the right. What is right according to me is the left. And whatever is left for me to complain about is the right. Do you get the drift? Ok. May be not. The point is simple. In the last 5 years or so, once I sort of obtained professional liberation from the clutches of the corporate world, I have become less and less inhibitive of sharing what my real beliefs are – at least politically. Even though I am not a political junkie in the sense that I live and breathe politics, I do enjoy the election season (although not a fan of the long primary season). I kind of wonder what it would be like to be the David Axelrods or the Stephanie Cutters of the political word. It just fascinates me and I can’t help it. Yes, Politics is dirty. There is very little honesty in politics leave alone honest politicians. But then, in a democracy, you are a squanderer if you don’t respect politics for what it is. You love it or hate it, you can’t avoid it. You despise the politicians or loathe them, one of them (the politicians) is going to be responsible for many things that dictate your life. So, why not understand how dirty politics actually is and try to do something about it? To start with, VOTE. Go out there and VOTE. That will be a good start. VOTE for the person who you hate the least. VOTE for the party who you think will do the least damage to the future generations. VOTE for the party who you think will leave something of what you call this EARTH to your children. Your VOTE will make a difference. Believe me.

Well. What did I say? Oh, yes. This post was not going to be about politics. Right? See, I can’t help it.

Movies: Been a lean movie watching period. Caught up with the 4th installment of the Bourne series. My skepticism was unwarranted. Tony Gilroy had managed well to use Jeremy Renner to keep the thrill factor pretty high throughout the movie. If you don’t think of Matt Damon, the movie works. Big time.

Books: Don’t remember the last book I had read before “The Mine”. But this book is by an Indian author – Arnab Ray. The guy has been heavily influenced by several works of contemporary fiction/science fiction. But he has managed to create a uniquely Indian centric plot and props for that. Not an unputdownable kind of a thriller, but was worth a weekend to get through it.

Concert/Music: Attended my first RUSH concert – as part of their Clockwork Angels tour. Have to admit that going to a concert alone is a lame experience. Normally I like to enjoy arts (movies, music, books, etc.) alone. But concerts are a different experience all together. This was a heavy metal meets progressive rock kind of a concert and a floor seat  plus several 1000 watt sound system notwithstanding, I felt alone for the most part. The guys on stage put on a show that was perfect. Clocked almost 3 hours, they managed to put together something spectacular both visually and aurally. I like their music and it helped.

So, there. That’s exactly what I meant when I said that this post would be about everything but politics. Didn’t I keep politics aside for the sake of this post?