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Changing positions

Otherwise known as flip-flopping in political terms..

Here is a video collection of many Republican politicians ripping Romney for his changing positions.

And here comes the ultimate flip-flop collection of Romney.
You still think you would vote for this man?

Ha..ha..There is no guarantee which Romney will show up for Presidency on Day 1 and even if you are able to predict, there is no guarantee which kind will show up on Day 2. Can you?

This guy has redefined flip-flopping to the extreme.

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Round 2

I should stay away from predicting Presidential debates. Clearly. If my earlier post before the first debate wasn’t proof enough, don’t know what else could be. This means only one thing. Yes. Only one thing. I am going to quit predicting debate results and focus on making fun of the debates after the fact. How does that sound? The added advantage being I don’t have the pressure of predicting something and worry about the odds of it being right.

Let us start with the low hanging fruit from last night. Yes – The Binders. How about them eh?

“You are so full of binders that you don’t even know what your binders are full of…”

“Jobs are for men. Binders are for women”.

“I know exactly how these women in my binders feel. Because I have many friends who own them..”

“I can so fake empathize with women and their inequality in pay that even my VP pick who can so fake clean a dish at an uninvited soup kitchen thinks that I fake better than he does. Take that – my binders full of women!!”

“For every binder full of women I get, I hire 10 men”…

Enough..? I think what Mr. Romney said was plain condescending to say the least. If you don’t see the real meaning behind the binders reference, then you clearly have blinders on..!

Moving on.

There were moments in the debate, specially during the early part, when it seemed like Romney came across a bit dominant and made Obama play by his rules. Pretty smart of Obama to not let him do that for long. Even when the Libya thing came about, Romney engaged Obama to play by his rules and Obama’s smart quip of “Please proceed Governor” will stay in my mind for a long time.  Much like his other quip “Can you say it louder Candy please?” (or something to that effect) when Candy called out Romney’s bluff.

If at all the debate did anything, it provided fodder for some creative folks out there. Just as the Malarkey meme was born after the VP debate last week, this “Binders for Women” thing will stay with us for a while.

On a serious note though, here are some facts you should check by visiting this website: http://www.bindersfullofwomen – Romney basically continued to lie throughout the debate last night and this was creme de la creme of his lies. The man should be the last one to talk about women equality.

So there. My incongruous mumbo jumbo on Round 2.


Who cares? We have binders to worry about.

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Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Challa is clearly touted to be the song of the album. Very rightfully so. Beautiful guitar work all the way and Rabbi brings a new flavor to the industry. Without being able to appreciate the Punjabi infused poetry, I have to pretend to appreciate the lyrics.

Saans is a Shreya song all the way in both versions although Mohit makes a slight appearance in the main one. A melodic pathos, almost reminding me of some Zubeidaa ambience. Gulzaar deserves another pat on his back. (Poor man…! He could be hurt at this rate).

Heer is another Punjabi flavored song which may need some time for me to grow into. But Harshdeep Kaur hits a home run with her magnificient singing.

Jiya Re could be a party song along the lines of Latoo from Ghajini. Some good interludes and sounds make the song listenable and may be a bit foot tapping. Overall, I would just rate this song ok even though Neeti Mohan’s singing is pretty amazing.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a Javed Ali song to begin with but somehow transforms into an unexpected mix with the introduction of  a new voice Shakthisree. I think I need a few more listens. Enjoyed the melody but haven’t caught anything novel yet except the transformation.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a poem recited by SRK but the guitar work alone is worth a dozen listens. I love the electric guitar ending. Just brilliant. Only AR.

Ishq Shava is a joyous trip and I fell in love with the funky opening and the groove. A winner in my books.

And finally Ishq Dance is the one that totally caught me off-guard. Didn’t expect an instrumental in this format from AR. Trust him to surprise me – surprise all. What a brilliant rhythmic piece. Need some more listens to form any opinions.

Overall, like most, my first instinct is that this sounds more like a YRC album than an AR Rahman album.

As a closing point, I would like to add that this is the first time I am expressing my views on a Rahman album without reading absolutely anything about it (no reviews, etc.).

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To throw a zinger or not…

The Presidential debates are overrated. Yes. They make great television and all that. Surely, I will be one of the 100 odd million people watching it tonight and again on the 16th & the 22nd. I may even grab a bowl of popcorn & stretch myself on the couch to catch some of Biden – Ryan as well. But in reality, the more I get to assimilate the long drawn election process in the country, the more I feel the central point is being lost.

If you are going to make up your mind based on the debates, then either you have been living in a cocoon for the past 20 odd years or you just woke up from a coma. C’mon, honestly do you think you can decide who you want to govern you for the next 4 years based on the already prepared & canned responses these 2 gentlemen are going to provide in front of a live television audience, to questions posed by moderators who are mostly older than the constitution itself and those who were forced to send the topics they were going to base their questions on to both the camps, weeks before the actual debate. Really?

Mitt “the Vulture” Romney will try to come across as if he is a caretaker of the poor people with the hope he can wipe off the smug 47% remarks he made from people’s memory somehow – the remark by which he has stood by all these days since the video came out. On the other side, Barack “the sort of hope & hardly any change” Obama will try to explain why he needs more time to fix everything he promised before the 2008 elections. There will be enough opportunities for them to go to their talking points again and again – no matter what the moderator’s question is. Remember it all has been well rehearsed. Unless…Unless..Unless someone throws a zinger.

The Romney camp has been pretty honest about Romney’s plans to throw some zingers tonight. (It is a different question if you can still call it a zinger if you already know about it). And the Obama camp has been pretty honest about not throwing any zingers tonight. It will be interesting to see how they both manage their expectations.

In the end, I think Obama will smoke Romney in the debate tonight. Why? Because He Can.

And I will go back to eating these leftover zingers.