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To throw a zinger or not…

The Presidential debates are overrated. Yes. They make great television and all that. Surely, I will be one of the 100 odd million people watching it tonight and again on the 16th & the 22nd. I may even grab a bowl of popcorn & stretch myself on the couch to catch some of Biden – Ryan as well. But in reality, the more I get to assimilate the long drawn election process in the country, the more I feel the central point is being lost.

If you are going to make up your mind based on the debates, then either you have been living in a cocoon for the past 20 odd years or you just woke up from a coma. C’mon, honestly do you think you can decide who you want to govern you for the next 4 years based on the already prepared & canned responses these 2 gentlemen are going to provide in front of a live television audience, to questions posed by moderators who are mostly older than the constitution itself and those who were forced to send the topics they were going to base their questions on to both the camps, weeks before the actual debate. Really?

Mitt “the Vulture” Romney will try to come across as if he is a caretaker of the poor people with the hope he can wipe off the smug 47% remarks he made from people’s memory somehow – the remark by which he has stood by all these days since the video came out. On the other side, Barack “the sort of hope & hardly any change” Obama will try to explain why he needs more time to fix everything he promised before the 2008 elections. There will be enough opportunities for them to go to their talking points again and again – no matter what the moderator’s question is. Remember it all has been well rehearsed. Unless…Unless..Unless someone throws a zinger.

The Romney camp has been pretty honest about Romney’s plans to throw some zingers tonight. (It is a different question if you can still call it a zinger if you already know about it). And the Obama camp has been pretty honest about not throwing any zingers tonight. It will be interesting to see how they both manage their expectations.

In the end, I think Obama will smoke Romney in the debate tonight. Why? Because He Can.

And I will go back to eating these leftover zingers.