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Round 2

I should stay away from predicting Presidential debates. Clearly. If my earlier post before the first debate wasn’t proof enough, don’t know what else could be. This means only one thing. Yes. Only one thing. I am going to quit predicting debate results and focus on making fun of the debates after the fact. How does that sound? The added advantage being I don’t have the pressure of predicting something and worry about the odds of it being right.

Let us start with the low hanging fruit from last night. Yes – The Binders. How about them eh?

“You are so full of binders that you don’t even know what your binders are full of…”

“Jobs are for men. Binders are for women”.

“I know exactly how these women in my binders feel. Because I have many friends who own them..”

“I can so fake empathize with women and their inequality in pay that even my VP pick who can so fake clean a dish at an uninvited soup kitchen thinks that I fake better than he does. Take that – my binders full of women!!”

“For every binder full of women I get, I hire 10 men”…

Enough..? I think what Mr. Romney said was plain condescending to say the least. If you don’t see the real meaning behind the binders reference, then you clearly have blinders on..!

Moving on.

There were moments in the debate, specially during the early part, when it seemed like Romney came across a bit dominant and made Obama play by his rules. Pretty smart of Obama to not let him do that for long. Even when the Libya thing came about, Romney engaged Obama to play by his rules and Obama’s smart quip of “Please proceed Governor” will stay in my mind for a long time.  Much like his other quip “Can you say it louder Candy please?” (or something to that effect) when Candy called out Romney’s bluff.

If at all the debate did anything, it provided fodder for some creative folks out there. Just as the Malarkey meme was born after the VP debate last week, this “Binders for Women” thing will stay with us for a while.

On a serious note though, here are some facts you should check by visiting this website: http://www.bindersfullofwomen – Romney basically continued to lie throughout the debate last night and this was creme de la creme of his lies. The man should be the last one to talk about women equality.

So there. My incongruous mumbo jumbo on Round 2.


Who cares? We have binders to worry about.