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So it goes…

Another year goes by. This one pretty much slapped the doomsday believers on their faces. For the rest of us, there was some good and there WAS some bad.

Being in the Indian sub-continent during the last 10-12 days, I have been exposed to the media coverage of the Munirkha gang rape and the tragic fallout, quite a bit. I have been quite socially inactive – so didn’t feel the twitter heat as much.

Two thoughts:

  • I am amused that there is a sudden surge of emotional outpour across the country over this. There is some rage too. My amusement is not to be misunderstood with the horrific nature of the incident itself. The amusement is largely around why this incident has caused this kind of an effect among the public, while there have been many such incidents in the country for decades that I can recall.
  • Most people debating this issue seem to be confused with discussing 2 different aspects of this issue. Both need to be addressed separately. The part that seems to be debated the most is the punishment. This is highly amusing to me again. Because it is not like rape is a legal thing to do in India. The Law already calls for punishment of the rapists. It is not like Indian law gives a free passage. The outcry for capital punishment is mainly because of the emotional heaviness. The other aspect of this issue is the cause – The Indian society & the need to change certain things. I am afraid that very few people are outraging over this. Sad.

As Kurt Vonnegut says, “So it goes…”. Not quoting this with a defeatist attitude. But just reminding us that time is so fake and yet so centric to our lives that we can’t just let go of what we learn from moments like these.

Happy New Year!