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Eley Eley

When I first did “Pabo Bole”, I told myself that someday I would do a Thamizh version of the same. But I had always been a bit apprehensive about doing it because that song was my first attempt with another singer (technically second) and Ron, the singer, did more justice than what I had imagined when I composed that tune. He pretty much gave the song a new dimension which I didn’t know it had. After the vocal recording, everything sort of fell into place – the interludes, the choice of instruments, the chorus, the climax, etc.

Cut to 2012. For more than 2 months, I had been toying with an idea to do a song on “Tirunelveli”, my home town, for a family event. Somehow, I could never complete it. This song was so important to me that I didn’t want to mess it up – so I kept getting demotivated with every new idea that came about. Guess, it was meant to be. Because, one fine day, when I was playing Pabo Bole in my car, a thought flashed.
The rest is what you will hear below as “Eley Eley”. I will put together the lyrics soon.

For now, here it is: