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It’s all horse meat…

So my wife and I were discussing the European horse meat scandal over our strictly vegetarian dinner. The conversation went something like this..

Me: Did you listen to or read about the European horse meat story?

Wife: Yes.

Me: Isn’t it strange that people are focusing on the fact that ‘it is horse meat‘ that they substituted the beef with rather than focusing on ‘they substituted the beef… ?

Wife: Yes. Indeed.

Me: Can you imagine how angry we would be if we went to a restaurant and ordered broccoli cheddar soup only to find out they actually served green beans/broccoli mix instead of 100% broccoli? Or how outraged we would be if the sauerkraut we ordered was actually made of cabbage and cauliflower?? Can you really imagine how much of a big deal it would be?

Wife: ….
Me: You think it is not a fair comparison? I think it is…Ha..ha..ha…

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DIY “Ego Trip” Tips for the Chief(Prime) Minister in you

DIY “Ego Trip” Tips for the Chief(Prime) Minister in you

If you ever have to be the chief minister of a state or the prime minister of India and you enjoy going on “ego trips”, here is a quick and easy guide for you. All these are based on real life experiences. Thus well proven.

Enjoy the trip.

How to go on an 'Ego Trip'?
How to go on an ‘Ego Trip’?